5 Cleaning Ideas to Enhance the Life of Your Carpet

Do you have carpeted floors at home? Apart from keeping the floors warm during the winter, carpeted floors also enhance the look of your home. But the real hassle is to keep the carpet clean. Cleaning the carpet is one of the major concerns many homeowners face, especially after the winter and just before the onset of spring. So, here you have a few cleaning ideas to ensure that your favorite carpets look great over the years.

5 ways to keep your carpet clean

Vacuuming the carpet

Vacuuming the carpet is a significant step but you need to set it at the right height during cleaning to avoid the fibers getting caught, causing damage to the surface. Once you set the height, be sure to vacuum from the inner to the outer areas to remove dirt from the surface. Reduce the speed of the roller when cleaning the high-traffic area to trap maximum dirt and go quickly for the rest of the area.

Appoint a professional

You might follow the DIY techniques for cleaning the carpet at regular intervals but appointing a professional once or twice a year for cleaning the carpet makes real sense. Home cleaning of the carpet cannot match the level of work that professionals do. When carpet cleaning companies arrive, they pull out the deeply-embedded dirt inside the fibers without causing harm to your favorite possession. Apart from this, they also condition and deodorize the carpet that you cannot do yourself without specialized tools.

Do not rub the stains

Do you have pets at home? Do your kids create a mess and bring those dirty shoes inside? Well, in homes with small kids and pets, carpet cleaning is a more enduring task. But even if you find stains on the carpet due to food spills or poet urine, do not rub them hard as you may cause harm to the fibers accidentally. In addition to this, running the stains aggressively make them settle on the surface forever. Instead of rubbing, try to blot the stains and allow the material to soak in. That way, you will also prevent the stains from becoming permanent.

Use shaving cream for tough stains

Professional carpet cleaners use this trick, so you can also use it safely. Apply requires quantities of shaving cream on the tough stains and leave it for an hour. When the cream dries up, blot it and remove the tough stain, to make it cleaner, apply water on the area and vacuum it to make the area dry.

Don’t bring the shoes inside

Even if you have kids at home or have guests coming over often, the best way to keep your carpet clean is to avoid the use of shoes. Most stains on the carpet are caused due to shoes and food spills. While, you cannot avoid food spills, try to create a rule and do not allow people to enter inside with shoes. However, if you are not comfortable with this idea for the guests, try to limit it to the family members at least.

Carpeted floors are much in demand and people love them for various reasons, especially to keep their feet warm in the winter. Make sure you clean the carpet consistently throughout the year and make it last longer.


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