A Bookworm’s Nest – 3 Ideas To Design The Home Of A True Book Lover

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Guess what we are going to talk about today! It is a nerd’s best dream ever. Yes, we are going to talk about how you can design the nest of a bookworm who most of the time remains glued to the pages, tucked in bed or cuddled up on the couch, reading or scribbling for hours, completely oblivious of the world outside and blissfully so. Maybe you think that the surrounding doesn’t really matter for a book lover who is always emerged in pages, but it does.

Reading, for a book lover, is the best form of recreation. Books open a gate for them to a new world full of imagination, creativity and sometimes even unforgettable realities too. Books are not mere escapes. They can be actually the best companion on earth for solitary evenings, the best source of knowledge you are looking for or the perfect way to spend time in the most productive way for leisure. Now, when a book can be so many things for you, don’t you think that you need to create the perfect set up where you can spend more time with books in the coziest way possible? So, while you are going through a number of home décor blogs for some inspiring ideas, we, Home Improvement Ideaz, bring you some of the best design inspirations. Read on to know more.

A Crazy Big Bookshelf, Duh:

When we talk about a bookworm, what is the first image that comes to your mind? A huge wall-occupying bookshelf carrying hundreds of titles that will just make anyone dizzy to look at,as the book lover smiles at your awe. Well, so, when you are designing your nest, this is the first thing that you need to get your hands on. After all, this is going to be the thing of your home interior design that will define who you are. This will also be the focal point of the room so that whoever enters your nest will immediately know you are a bibliophile, a nerd who prefers more to read instead of human interactions. You can go to a store and buy this item. Or you can keep track of different online stores offering such shelves that will suit your abode perfectly.

A Cozy Place to Cuddle Up:

Trust us on this; a book lover doesn’t need much. Just anything that makes them feel warm and cozy will do. So, when you are designing the den of a bookworm, focus on this part more rather than a too flashy or stylish thing. A soft comfortable couch, a low bed with pillows and duvets, or even a mattress that will let them spend lazy time reading and more reading, will be enough. So, while designing a home like this, look for such comfy places to tuck in comfortably with a cuppa in hand and hardcover on the lap.

Up-cycled Lamps:

Now, in a room like this, don’t you think a little bit of illumination is necessary? Think about those late-night reading sessions when you just can’t put down the page-turner and go to sleep. Now, maybe you are a night owl but not the others. So, instead of keeping the big light on, a smaller up-cycled one will be a perfect option for you. Add the perfect touch of light to your abode with a cute little lamp right there on your bedside table, enough to give you light to read more.For more such ideas on modern home décor ideas, stay tuned with us. And create the perfect nest for yourself that will give you the coziest time to read.


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