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buying climate-resilient homes

How Is Climate Change Affecting The Real Estate Sector?

The real estate market has always been revolving around location, affordability, and personal needs (and also choices!). But in today's world, a new factor is demanding increased attention- climate change! Rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and unpredictable weather patterns are forcing a shift in our perception of properties and…

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Home Improvements

minimalist bedroom ideas

Less Is More : The Only Minimalist Bedroom Guide You Need

While it started as a philosophy, minimalism has slowly crept into several aspects of our lives and plays a key role in modern architecture and…



7 Eco-Friendly Gardening Practices for a Sustainable Home

Are you passionate about home gardening?  You may have a volley of plants in your garden but going eco-friendly is a different ballgame, especially when…


Cleaning Ideas

Sustainable upholstery cleaning ideas

All You Need to Know about Eco-Friendly Upholstery Cleaning

Breathe new life into your furniture without harming the planet! This guide spills the tea on eco-friendly and sustainable upholstery cleaning methods, DIY solutions, and hiring green cleaning services.


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