Explore Touchless Car Cleaning: What You Need to Understand

When you hear the term “touchless” related to car wash, it seems that there is little relevance. You may also wonder how can a car be washed without touching it all. On deeper exploration, it would reveal that touchless car cleaning is averse to the traditional cleaning mechanism where foam clothes or brushes are used to remove dirt and dust from vehicles. Although physical cleaning is considered more effective than touchless cleaning, the contact between the vehicle and the washing components often leads to damage.

Truly speaking, the touchless technology also creates physical contact but without foam clothes and brushes. Apart from judging the effectiveness, the automatic car wash mechanism has grown in popularity over the years. So, here is what you need to know about the latest technology of car cleaning:

Benefits of touchless car cleaning:

Switching to automatic car wash operations is more effective and helps in retaining clients if you own a cleaning facility. While it helps in reducing vehicle damage, it contributes to customer satisfaction.

Reduce the risk of damage to vehicles

In traditional cleaning, friction washes tend to damage vehicles, primarily due to poorly maintained brushes and bristles. Vehicles with protruded parts are more likely to sustain damage from the sharp bristles of brushes or foam clothes. Thanks to the touchless car wash option. You can get rid of brushes, bristles, or other parts that may damage the vehicle badly. The only cleaning components used in touchless cleaning are detergent and water along with the add-on features that the customers choose.

Save labor

The automatic car wash system requires no attendants or cleaning people as the entire mechanism is dependent on upgraded technologies. You won’t need a human being to operate the automated cleaning process, unlike the traditional system. Moreover, the automated system has no functional moving parts or systems that may require human intervention. Finally, the automatic cleaning system is simpler and easier for cleaning your vehicle.

More revenue for car wash owners

With the advantages of touchless car wash, the cleaning facilities now have an opportunity to increase their revenue streams through personalization of services or new offerings. Some of the customizations offered are sealant application, high-gloss application, arch control to allow the detergent to reach a larger space, and a much more effective drying process. Such features are revenue-driven and allow car wash operators to enhance their income opportunities.

Uninterrupted operations

With fewer employees, car wash owners may also implement a touchless payment system but the biggest benefit is that the cleaning facility can run 24×7. Naturally, the owners realize the potential of profit in this mechanism that runs without manual intervention. It also benefits the vehicle owners who need not wait to watch the operations or feel dissatisfied with the cleaning quality.


One of the other advantages of the touchless car wash system is that it is environmentally viable. The conventional cleaning system uses more gallons of water than the automated wash. With high-end sensors and technology gauging the size and shape of the vehicle, the water supply can be maximized and waste reduced to a great extent. Apart from this, the automatic system often recycles water for washing and rinsing tasks, thereby reducing wastage.

Cost-effective and time-saving

A few car owners may think that technology-driven car wash is more expensive and prefer washing the vehicle on their own. On the contrary, the touchless cleaning facility is cost-effective as it requires less machinery and time-saving than the physical cleaning method.

Whether you are planning to keep your car for some more time or selling it quickly, maintenance is the key aspect. The touchless car washing system cleans the vehicles more effectively than the conventional washing mechanism cannot match. 


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