Fall Cleaning Essentials for Your Home

As the days start getting shorter and you start preparing to make your home cozier, investing an entire weekend for fall cleaning is essential. Unfortunately, fall cleaning is a lesser priority for most homeowners compared to spring. But autumn serves as the perfect opportunity to winterize your house and organize your stuff. It is also the season when you need to stash your summer stuff and bring out the snow shovels, umbrellas, and driving gloves.

As the season gets colder, you will spend more time indoors, so a good option is to get proactive about fall cleaning before the onset of the season. Get a hang of fall cleaning with these ideas:

Cleaning the roof gutters

Gutter cleaning and maintenance may not be at the forefront when you buy a house but it is one of the chores you should not miss before the coming of the days of snow and rain. Check your roof for clogged gutters that may cause water to stand on the roof when it snows excessively and eventually cause leaks. Poor gutter maintenance may also damage the doors, windows, and siding when water drains or gets near the walls.

Clean the windows

If you haven’t cleaned the windows in a while, you may notice dirt or streaks on the glass. Don’t ignore this task and clean the windows thoroughly before winter sets in. Apart from this, you must also change the insulation if needed and make sure that there is no place for the warm air to escape.

Preparing the kitchen for winter

 The kitchen cleaning task looks laborious but you can hardly escape the hard work to prevent the growth of germs and reduce grease buildup. Cleaning and removal of ceiling textures, washing the curtains, and replacing the shelf liners are a few common tasks you can hardly ignore. Apart from this, one of the major appliances that you need to address is the refrigerator. Take the time to remove every part of the refrigerator and wash everything properly. You may also appoint a cleaning or a maintenance service provider to clean the condenser coils. Check for the quality of the stuff that you stock here and place a box of baking soda on the shelves. Apart from this, you need to clean and maintain the stove as well as the dishwasher to remove stubborn stains and dirt.

Eliminate bugs and pollen

Be it fall or winter, the cleaning work focuses on preparing the home for the cold season. So, you need to get rid of dust, mold, and dander as part of the fall cleaning procedure. Wash the bedding to destroy the dust mites and bacteria. Apart from this, shampoo the carpets, and clean the window if it has been six months or more since you rinsed or washed them. Remember to use a mild soap when cleaning the blinds.

Clean the furniture and remove cobwebs

When running the vacuum cleaner on the sofa and the bed, be sure to clean underneath the furniture and get rid of the dirt, debris, allergens, and dust to make your house cleaner and healthier. Autumn is the season when spiders rule the house, so get ready to remove those ominous cobwebs.

Your house will look cozier and more inviting during the winter season when you go for fall cleaning. That way, you will also keep out dirt and dust and tackle the mud and grit that your house accumulated over the spring and summer. Want to make your house a perfect place for unwinding and relaxation during the winter season? Make sure you prioritize fall cleaning and hibernate happily.


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