Sparking Up Your Workspace: Holiday Season Office Cleaning Hacks

Do the office holidays put you in a festive mood? Well, apart from planning for the events, the office task seems to be the most daunting. While preparing to decorate the office for Christmas, the additional cleaning task seems to be burdensome. The dust and garbage that accumulates in the workspace for several months need to be cleaned and made spotless. So, before the season of festivities shows up, you need to give your office a deep cleaning.

If you want to make the office look fresh and clean, here are the most important tips to follow.

Create a cleaning protocol

Do you want to rev up the office look and enhance the cleaning efforts? Don’t start working unless you create a protocol for cleaning. For instance, you might want to begin with cleaning the dust that piled up for months or organizing the office. If you have already accumulated the decorative goods for holidays, be sure to keep them aside to prevent damage. You need to clean the HVAC systems as well to prepare for the winter months. Once you have the plan ready, move ahead with the cleaning task at once.

Clean the floors

Cleaning the office floor is one big headache as it picks up a lot of grime and dirt around the holidays. Moreover, when it snows and rains, the footsteps bring in a lot of dirt and dust. If the office floor cleaning during the other times of the year remains unsatisfactory, you need to make the holiday cleaning meticulous to make the floors safer and more attractive.

De-clutter the spaces

One of the major aspects of office cleaning is de-cluttering the space. Although you won’t have papers and documents piling up in this age of technology, the office may have enough clutter and dirt that you need to remove. Check for food crumbs and unorganized papers that are to be cleaned before the holiday mood sets in.

Clean the gadgets

Cleaning office gadgets like desktops, tablets, and computers is another task you need to factor in when deciding to clean the office. The gadgets attract germs and bacteria that reside in the workplace. So, you need to clean them to reduce the number of sick days.

Cracks and corners

There are several hard-to-reach places in every office, and during the holidays it may be embarrassing to have dirt piling up under the furniture. That is why you need to reach different places where dirt and dust are likely to accumulate.

Spray air freshener

Air fresheners help in cleaning the office and keeping it smelling good. But don’t overdo it as some people might be allergic to smells. You will have a lot of customers coming into your office, so make sure your clients don’t feel out of the world due to intense scents and fragrances.

Implement health measures

Presumably, you want the office workers to stay as healthy and attentive as possible. So, spend some time educating them about the health measures like disinfecting the touchpoints like telephones and elevator buttons.

To make sure a high degree of cleanliness is deployed before the holidays, start making the arrangements in advance. You surely won’t undertake this hassling task on weekdays, so choose a weekend to implement the cleaning task appropriately. Follow these cleaning suggestions to make this office sparkling clean.


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