Till With Tiles: 11 Tile Designs for Your Bathroom’s Perfect Appeal

We all have that one wish to design our own dream bathroom décor in just the way we like it. And while going for a bathroom renovation, an important part is deciding upon the tile design. With innumerable possibilities, it can be very confusing to choose a single design.

However, it is very important to go for a design that is able to complement your bathroom space and make it appear spacious. Not doing so will make the bathroom appear congested and cluttered.

To make things simpler, here are 11 bathroom tile designs and ideas that you can choose from:

  1. Inside borders: A good-looking way that also entails protection for the bathroom surface is to use geometric marble tiles to protect the hardwood flooring around your bathtub. While the marble protects the floor from water damage, the geometric shape provides a modern appeal.
  2. Take it to the ceiling: Ceilings can be great for designing. For example, you can provide a distinguishing factor between your shower and sink area by giving the respective sections of the ceiling a different finish. For example, have a tiled ceiling for the shower area which meets the hardwood ceiling of the sink area.
  3. A Wall of statement: A great way to personalize your bathroom is by giving the single largest wall of your bathroom an effective design. For bathrooms that have a white base, a bright color with a geometric pattern will certainly provide more depth to the otherwise-white bathroom.
  4. Get it sharpened: Perfect geometric shaped tiles for your bathroom floors, walls, and even your bathtub will provide a perfect sharp look. Go for a muted shade of white or perhaps grey, to provide for a more elegant and modern appeal.
  5. Mock-wood tiles: Why go for hardwood flooring when you can have a mock-wood tiled floor? They are much easier to clean and maintain while giving the same look but with a touch of modernity.
  6. Get Gray: For those of you who prefer shades of gray and white, you can easily opt for a grayscale bathroom décor. Grayscale tiles provide a beautiful graphic pattern. For the wall and ceiling, go for an all-white finish. To give a transitional appeal, get a single or double wooden cabinet set.
  7. Monochrome: More often suggested for smaller bathrooms, a monochrome in light color works great. It makes the look simpler and soothing. It also gives the illusion of space. For a more spacious feel, you can opt for a single floating cabinet design or a mirror cabinet.
  8. The shining: A perfect way to make your bathroom shine without being over-the-top is by getting a gold, copper, or bronze finish. From the mirror edges to the knobs and pulls to the faucets, a single shining finish in all these will perfectly complement your bathroom.
  9. Tiles assemble: A great way to give your bathroom a modern look is by going for more than one tile design. For the upper half, opt for one, for the lower half, opt for another one and another one of the floor and ceiling. Follow different shades of the same color. Go for a lighter color as a darker one will give the illusion of less space and feel congested.
  10. A living-breathing shower: If you have a separate shower area, a great way to add a personal touch is by giving a totally different tile design to this area. If you have simple floor tiles for the sink area, get bold in the shower area. Go for contrasting color tiles and bring your shower space to life.
  11. Mix and not match: A great way to incorporate a pattern is to go for more than one pattern. A non-repeating tile pattern will fill your bathroom space with a strong visual appeal. 

These are 11 of the most effective tile designs for your bathroom décor. There are many other designs for you to choose from. All you have to do is search the internet. However, before doing so, it is important to have a clear idea of your bathroom space as a wrong decision can lead to a bathroom that looks out of form and awkward.


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