Upholstery Care 101: Simple Tricks for Lasting Beauty

Do you face the same issue of replacing the entire upholstery for your furniture every 6 months? Not only does this practice encourage waste generation, but also results in hefty and unnecessary expenditures frequently. This blog will help you cut the slack with some easy and effective upholstery tips for beginners.

Following this guide will ensure that your upholstery remains clean, and lasts for a longer period. So, let’s begin the journey!

Remember- Prevention Is Better than Cure!

Mark the golden words and engrave them on your minds! Because preventing certain situations is better than managing the aftereffects later on!

Following are some preventive hacks that help keep the sanctity of your upholstery intact-

  • Slipcovers- The Preventive Experts!

For furniture with high foot traffic like couches, armchairs, and sofas, invest in some good quality slipcovers. Firstly, these are easy to put on and take off. And secondly, these are washable fabrics that you can use as an added protective layer from damaging your upholstery from stains and sudden spillages.

  • The “No Food & Drinks” Policy

This may sound a little strict, and also a little absurd for many! But such restrictions are actually useful if you want to save the upholstery from food or liquid stains. So, establish a no food & drinks policy on just the upholstered furniture, and witness the vivid difference yourself! While slipcovers and a “no food & drinks” policy are great for protecting furniture, if you’re interested in a beginner upholstery project, consider starting with smaller pieces. 

  • Lint Rollers- The Necessary Protective Weapon!

If you’re a pet parent, you can picture your upholstery filled with bits and pieces of pet hair! To prevent these from getting deeply ingrained, keep a lint roller in handy. Remove the fur as soon as it settles for best results. Along with it, regularize brushing for your shedding pet. This significantly lowers the risk of fur accumulation.

Regular Upholstry Cleaning Tips

Now let’s move on and see some regular cleaning hacks that you can do for an optimal lifespan of the furniture upholstery-

  • Vacuum Once A Week

Vacuuming the upholstery once a week is a mandatory requirement to keep dust, crumbs, and pet hair (if you have pets) away from the surface. Make use of the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner and pay special attention to crevices and seams, as dust and debris tend to collect there the most.

  • Use A Soft-Bristled Brush

Vacuuming may seem to be laborious at times. So, keep alternatives like a soft-bristled brush instead. Gently brush in the direction of the fibers to sweep away dust and debris from the surface. Remember to strictly stay away from hard bristle brushes. They can damage the upholstery fabric permanently!

  • Baking Soda- To Drive Away Stink!

Has your upholstery turned stinky lately? Take a small amount of baking soda, and sprinkle it all over the fabric. Leave it for half an hour. After that, vacuum the surface thoroughly. Baking soda acts as an absorbing agent against bad odors. Utilize this modern upholstery technique for cleaning to get a refreshing and clean upholstery in no time!

Stain Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Stains are one of the worst enemies. And to avoid them, you are going to need the following effective upholstery tips and tricks for beginners-

  • Start Acting Immediately

The quicker you address a stain, the easier will it be to remove it. Do not rub over the stain. Instead, blot it with a clean and absorbent cloth.

  • Identify The Source

Determining the source of the stain is essential to ensure its removal. Food and beverage stains are different from ink ones! Understand the difference and act accordingly.

P.S: With the rising trends of sustainable practices, having some knowledge about eco-friendly upholstery cleaning is mandatory, especially for someone who has just started. This makes you aware of the sustainable aspects, thereby reducing impacts on the environment.

Wrapping It Up

Being a novice when upholstery cleaning is involved, can be overwhelming! Align yourself to these effective hacks to make the most of your furniture upholstery!

Did we miss out on anything related to upholstery cleaning hacks? Reach out to us via homeimprovementideaz@gmail.com and pen down your suggestions!


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