A Complete Guide to Keeping Your Wine Collection Safe in Hotter Climates

Wine Collection Safe in Hotter Climates

For all passionate wine collectors out there, what mostly bothers you is how to store wine in hotter weather. This is undoubtedly a big challenge, especially because heat damage is a major concern for wines. To retain their peak quality, it is important to store the bottles in controlled temperature. A chilled temperature is best for wine storage and this is how you can be sure of getting the perfect glass of wine. Be it storing them for a short period of time or a whole decade, you can maintain the quality and taste of your valuable possession once you choose a perfect storage place for them.

A safe & secure storage prevents wine from damage in hotter places!

To have a better idea about how temperature affects wine, you need to know that it is not only the taste that can get altered under hot climate but temperature has a huge role in its ageing process too. Wine loses its originality and age prematurely in warmer weather. Just think of a special day when you choose to open the cork and find that your wine’s color has gone pale or the aroma has turned into something else! Even the taste can get sharper or bland than the original one. Above all, the freshness which we look for in every bottle can totally be absent. Luckily, you can avoid any damage by being a bit careful and smart. Choose a safe and secure storage space – like custom wine cellars Austin and Dallas. This will ensure that your wine collection is preserved in the temperature range which is absolutely perfect for storing them and keeping them fresh and unaltered over time.

To keep your wine collection safe in a hot climatic condition, it is important to keep some factors in mind:

  • Keep your drinks out of light, especially sunlight. Light generates heat and sun’s UV rays can disrupt its chemical properties and cause it to age prematurely. For long term storage this can be a potential problem.
  • Buy your wine from a store or winery where the stock is not kept under a very warm climate. Make sure that the bottles are not kept under direct sunlight. If possible, pay attention to the store house of the wine stock too. Choose a store that receives stock from protected receiving docks.
  • Ideally, the temperature range for storing is between 45° F and 65° F but is absolutely okay if your storage has a couple of degrees higher than this.
  • Do not opt for the top of your refrigerator for storing your bottles, especially in summer months. Heat from fridge coils can cook your wine over time.
  • Finally, it is of utmost importance that you store your wine collection in proper storage unit. A wine cellar is the top most choice for most people when it comes to storing wine in hot weather. If you are living in places like Texas City, West University, Conroe, Bellaire or Katy, choosing a good wine cellar designer and manufacturer can be a great way to ensure that your pride collection of wine is in safe environment.

Choosing The Right Wine Storage System

Keeping in mind that temperature can cause considerable damage even during a short warm weather season it not at all wise to leave them in lofts or garage. Whether you are based in Houston, Spring, Kingwood or Richmond, hotter climate can cause havoc on your wine collection. This is where the home wine cellars offering custom wine storage spaces can come to your aid. Be it a small or large collection; the hotter the climate, the greater is the need to employ a well-engineered wine cooling system.

Custom Made Wine Cellars for Warmer Weather

For storing your wine and other alcoholic beverages in a climate-controlled environment and away from harmful external influences, wine cellars are the best option for many in the US. They provide the right temperature and constant darkness and humidity keeping them well preserved and protected. When looking for the highest quality custom made luxury wine cellars, you need to choose a trusted name in this field. At Wine Cellars of Houston, you can get the perfect custom home wine cellars suiting your requirements.
A customized wine cellar from a top company can add a touch of class and elegance to your home and complement your home interior too. It reflects your personal taste and choice. To design and create the perfect home wine cellar you need to choose a reputed company offering the perfect product suiting your taste, style, requirements and space. When talking about custom wine furniture, Wine Cellars of Houston is a name of trust. Be it wine cellar restoration or installing a customized wine cellar, you can be assured of the highest-quality products and services. Your cherished wine collection will age well even in hot weather conditions with its original taste and aroma as you choose a leading name in the market with proven track record.


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