Double -Vanity Ventures: 8 Great Double-Vanity Designs for Your Bathroom

Double Bathroom vanities are perhaps one of the best, if not the best, additions you can have to your large bathroom space. Not only do their effective styles, but shapes and sizes also provide function and space utility, their availability in numerous designs, looks and finishes further allow you to choose for a set that goes perfectly well with the other aspects of your bathroom.

However, with such variety, confusion is bound to happen as well. And you certainly might find it difficult to choose a double vanity that will help compliment your spacious bathroom décor perfectly.

To help you in this endeavor, here are 8 double bathroom vanity designs:

  1. Trough-style Sink: Trough-style sinks are basically a single sink but with the capacity of two. This incorporates having two faucets and two mirrors. Available in various styles and sizes, they are perfect for double use. One of the ways to get an elegant appeal with trough-style sink double vanity is to get a marble finish for the sink and a wooden finish for the vanity.

    Add the same wooden finish to the mirrors and bronze faucets to complete the look.
  2. Glass-front Tall Cabinets: If you have single large bathroom, a great way to enhance storage and looks is to install tall glass-front cabinets attached on either side of your double vanity cabinets. The multiple shelves allow you to store more accessories while also providing decorative accents. You can even install light fixtures inside them which call for a great show.
  3. Contrasting Nature: A great example of design lies in the aspect of contrast. For example, if your bathroom has a white base, a great way to add contrast is to go for dark wood cabinets that provide a great sophisticated look while carrying a vintage appeal. Or, if your bathroom has a wooden overall look, a great way to enhance it is with the help of white shaker double cabinets. Along with sleek chrome fixtures, they are sure to give you a bathroom of the modern age.
  4. Floating vanity: For a smaller bathroom space, a floating vanity can be a perfect choice. The empty space underneath can be used effectively by affixing small lights which will add to the overall spacious feel. Due to their modern look, floating cabinets go well with metal finish faucets and frame-less square mirrors. They reflect more light give the illusion of more space.
  5. Two vanities instead of a double vanity: A great way to incorporate a double vanity in your bathroom is with the help of two single vanity cabinets. A pair of matching furniture-style cabinets provides an elegant look of its own. Go for detailed faucets along with engraved knobs and pulls along with bronze fixtures for the lights to complete the perfect vintage look.
  6. Chrome-legged vanities: These are a perfect choice to give your bathroom a vintage steam-punk appeal. In this design, a single piece of white marble countertop sits atop chrome legs along with chrome faucets and chrome-framed mirrors. A great way to utilize space is by opting for mirror cabinets instead of plain mirrors with the same chrome finish.
  7. Middle-placed tall cabinet: Just like glass-front tall cabinets, opt for a tall cabinet that separates the two sinks. This enables two people to share the storage needs. The middle position helps in separating space while having the bathroom essentials close at hand for both persons. The open storage also adds a spacious feel. Suitable for any kind of finish, wooden or otherwise.
  8. Single centered double-sink vanity: In this vanity design, the countertop is affixed between two walls with a single storage vanity positioned in the middle. Great for smaller bathrooms, go for an all-wood finish for the cabinets as well the mirrors along with metal faucets for a perfect contemporary sleek look along with a touch of vintage.

Other than these 8 designs, there are other designs that can be perfectly suited to your bathroom space and décor. All you have to do is make sure that the design does not hinder the space or makes the bathroom appear congested.


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