Terrazzo Tiles: Should You Embrace This Flooring Trend for Home Interiors?

Terrazzo flooring has been there for several years since its historical invention and has been adding aesthetics to many residential floors. The popular option that has been giving a contemporary look to residential floors is back with a bang. Over the last few years, terrazzo tiles have won several hearts. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance and a plethora of benefits. Usually, terrazzo comprises broken pieces of granite and marble mixed with concrete. They are available in single and multicolor options to suit any style of house.

If you are looking forward to replacing the floors of your home and need something that stands out as unique, find out why terrazzo can be an ideal option:

Sustainable material

Home renovation today needs to comply with sustainable practices. With recycled materials used in terrazzo tiles like plastic or glass. A blend of recycled granite, porcelain, glass, quartzite, and quartz, it is preferred by many. No wonder it ranks as one of the most economically viable flooring materials and has been regarded as green flooring since its inception. This flooring option has also received LEED certifications, which makes it one of the best choices for floors.

Aesthetic quality

Terrazzo stands out from other flooring options due to its design options. To create this material, the installer can blend different types of aggregates like glass and marble with different choices of resin colors. The outcome is indeed attractive, especially when creating a mixed design. You can turn the flooring of your house into a focal point with a complex floor pattern. With myriad color selections, you will get an array of choices.

Economical choice

Let’s face it. No homeowner would leave any opportunity to reduce the cost of home renovation. So, if you are the one to follow a shoestring budget, terrazzo tiles are going to be one of the most affordable options to choose from. Just factor in the cost of installation, and you will know how low-frequency replacement combines with low installation expense to make affordable flooring.

Customization and adaptability

Terrazzo can be effortlessly molded into panels. So, it is a suitable option for custom staircases, countertops, backsplashes, or even bathtubs and sinks. Moreover, joining them together is equally easy with underfloor heating technology. The sheer options of colors, materials, and designs are inspiring and enjoy the appearance. These tiles look the best in areas that get maximum sunlight. With color options that are well elevated and various installation options, the chance of fading is rare.


Terrazzo often lasts much longer than the home’s lifespan. Although your home may go through several replacements and renovations in its lifetime, terrazzo is least likely to require replacement. Due to its high compressive strength, terrazzo can withstand pressure due to high foot traffic. The material’s durability makes it an excellent choice from the standpoint of maintenance.


Another feature that makes Terrazzo one of the most popular options is that it does not contain harmful compounds.  VOCs reduce the quality of indoor air and are a cause of several health risks. It also prevents the growth of microbes or moisture buildup, making it a safe flooring option.

The resurgence of terrazzo tiles in home interiors presents a compelling choice for those seeking a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary style. As we’ve explored the versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal of terrazzo, it’s clear that embracing this flooring trend can elevate the character of your living spaces. Whether you opt for subtle neutrals or bold patterns, terrazzo offers a unique canvas for personal expression


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