How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Cabinets

Tips to design a kitchen without cabinets

The kitchen is undeniably one of the probable areas of your home that goes into mess frequently. It may be that the kitchen arrangement is erroneous or you are not aware of how to keep everything organized even when you are cooking. The most sought-after option to get rid of the clutter in the kitchen is installing cabinets. But have you ever wondered if you can keep the kitchen free from cabinets and still have a lot of space for storing things? You cannot renovate your kitchen at the cost of the aesthetics wither.

If kitchen renovation is on the cards, here is how you can make the kitchen look wonderful even without cabinets.

  • Create open shelves

    Open shelves have gained popularity since a couple of years back and the reason may be that they may be feeling bored with cabinets. Moreover, the open shelving or racking system costs much less than building cabinets. With open shelves, you just need to choose brackets to let the shelves hold onto the wall. There are wooden and metal brackets you can choose from to let the overall design align with the shelves. Another reason you can choose open shelves is that it allows you to display glassware and luxury crockery.

  • Create separate racks for mugs

    Wondering where you will store those mugs you have collected for years?  Why don’t you get an aesthetic mug rack?  You can display the mug racking system on one corner of the wall or in any area where it is more accessible. A wooden rack with multi-colored mugs is sure to rev up the appearance of your kitchen.

  • Create drawers

    A kitchen without cabinets need not leave you clueless about storage. Why don’t you create drawers instead and arrange things properly? The benefit of installing drawers is that you can keep the unsightly things away.

  • Food storage options for counters

    Not many of you may be keen to display the cooking ingredients in the kitchen. Does that mean arranging them in drawers? That way, the counter may remain largely unutilized. Using nice jars or cane baskets for storing the food ingredients is another idea you can leverage and make sure the countertop looks more organized. You just need to wash the glass jars occasionally and remove dust from the wicker baskets. Depending on the kind of storage option you need, you can get jars and baskets to arrange the ingredients.

  • Use the kitchen island for storage

    Adding a storage option to the kitchen island is a fantastic option. Wondering why? You can arrange spaces for things that you won’t need frequently and have a separate space for everything else you need more often. Kitchen islands serve the storage functions inside the kitchen uniquely. You just need to organize things carefully.

Cabinets are not the be-all and end-all of a kitchen renovation. There are plenty of other ways you can implement to maximize the storage in the kitchen during a home renovation. Just make sure that there are as many practical elements as the aesthetics that go with the ideas of renovation.


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