Touring a Home Soon? Here are the Top 4 Things You must Remember

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Nowadays, not many people visit homes physically and most of them start their journey online. You may call it the side-effect of the global pandemic but people love to research from the comfort of their homes. But there comes a time when online house hunting comes to an end and real-world exploration begins.

Chances are that during online viewing, you have a lot of good feelings about the property and its surroundings. Wondering why? The staging photographs look beautiful, the kitchen countertop is more attractive and the bathroom designs are flamboyant. Is all that you see online really there?  But the real challenge begins when you visit the Okanagan homes for sale physically. Knowing what to look for during a house tour makes it worthy enough. Moreover, it helps you decide faster.

What are the factors you need to check when touring a home physically? What should be your take when dealing with the real estate agent? There are so many things to search for that you should have a full-fledged strategy to follow before you can call a property your home. So, here are things that you need to consider during the tour and those you can leave.

  1. Keep your nose clear
  2. Now that sounds too weird but not having the ability to sniff smells may pose issues later. For instance, a house with mold and mildew will have strange smells. So, follow your sense of smell if you want to find out whether the house has toxic smells. Even if you get good smells during the tour, stay alert. It might be the strategy of the seller to mask the bad smells. If you get a musty smell inside the house, be on the lookout for similar smells in the closet or the attic.

  3. Home décor and furniture
  4. When visiting a home with a Kelowna real estate agent, the furniture and décor may be used as the pitching points. Often, what you see may not match your taste and temperament. If you prefer buying a modern contemporary house, the mid-century or Victorian designs may not appear catchy. The décor and the furniture are things you can switch to suit your style. So, you need not pay attention to them and remove your focus from an overly decorated house. After all, you are buying the property and not the furniture inside. The moment you close the deal, the property is all about you and the things you prefer.

  5. Condition of floors and walls
  6. Even if a house looks pleasing and charming, you must stop your search further and explore the condition of the floors and walls. When investing in Kelowna luxury real estate, people tend to overlook things pretty fast and feel overwhelmed with the aesthetics of the property. Chances are that you will be paying more for investing in luxury real estate, so why shouldn’t you check the house thoroughly? When examining the condition of floors and walls, look for watermarks on the wall. There may be hairline cracks and the minor ones may not be harmful.  

    You may notice a couple of hairline cracks on the home’s foundation and also around the frames of doors and windows. But do not miss the wider cracks that run horizontally and diagonally, because they might be the ones to cause concern later. Besides a warped floor is a red flag and may indicate myriad problems. Try to walk on different sections of the floor to check if it makes the floor bouncy. Signs of water damage are majorly visible on the walls. So, you might get a pungent smell from them, which might mean that problems have progressed greatly.

  7. Additions without permissions
  8. Was the house you came across online listed with two bedrooms and you surprisingly notice four bedrooms?  The additional bedrooms are a part of home additions but make sure whether the owner sought permission for the addition. It may be painful to deal with unpermitted additions if you fail to get the information when exploring Okanagan houses for sale. Are you trying to look for the best home listings in Kelowna? Explore Okanagan houses for sale listings with Justin O’Connor Group. They are one of the most reliable listing sites to have helped home buyers over the years.

The problem with most home buyers is that they envision themselves living in the house. Don’t worry, it is most natural but does not jump into the wagon of excitement. A great home staging is meant to appeal to the buyers but you need to explore every aspect of Okanagan homes for sale to bag the best deal.


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