Home Scary Home: 10 Ways for A Perfect Halloween Decor

Halloween is the time to get spooky without a cause. All of us love to dress up in spooky costumes and party with our friends. The whole atmosphere seems to speak of the supernatural and all that relates to it. So why not add a bit of spookiness to your home décor! After all, your home is a part of you as well.

From your mantel to your porch to every other aspect of your home decor, there are many ways in which you add the Halloween aura to your home scary home.

Here are 10 ways to give your home a Halloween touch:

  1. Halloween Mantel: Turn your mantel into a portal to the supernatural world. Use pumpkins, spiders and bats cut out of cardboard, and candles to make it appear spooky. Snip the top off some of the pumpkins to create a more realistic look. All this will make your mantel look like a cauldron spot.
  2. Wine-bottle candle holders: Get a pair or three of those empty wine bottles from the storehouse, and fix long candles on them. Light them up and let the wax drip down the sides of the bottle. This certainly provides a scary feel and reminds us of a lone lady clad in white walking across a huge dark corridor with a candlestick in her hand. (To make it more of the decorative kind, spray paint the bottles in your desired colors and fix black candles instead).
  3. Spider-web plant hanger: One of the easiest Halloween decors, all that this needs is you to attach faux spiders on a macramé plant hanger. To complement the look, you can even add a succulent or any other spiky plant. The macramé provides the look of the web in a perfect manner.
  4. Cobweb wreathes: Another innovative Halloween accessory is cobweb wreathes. To make one of these, all you have to do is get a hoop, stretch a faux cob-web on it, and place some spiders on it. Remember that it should be messy, it’s cobweb, not embroidery.
  5. Snake wreathes: Just like cobweb wreathes, for these you need snakes instead of spiders. Begin with the longest snakes and weave them among the wreathe twigs and do this until all the snakes have taken their place. Use hot-glue to hold them in their position. This will certainly “surprise” your guests.
  6. Use branches for decor: All that you need for this are some dried tree branches from your own backyard. Spray paint them with, for example, bright neon green and place them in a black vase. You can also place bundles of dried branches all around your house to provide a look of the dark forests.
  7. Halloween Tree: It’s just like Christmas but scary. All you have to do is to replace the stars and snowmen with skulls and bones and everything scary. Go for black colored motifs on a full-white tree. Make paper cutouts of spiders and bats and set them up as well.
  8. Bring your bookshelves to life: A stack of old books is a perfect hiding spot for rats and spiders. Keeping this mind, cut out shapes of rats from black cardstocks and stick them up on those empty spaces your bookshelf. Add some faux spiders and cobweb here and there to add to the effect further.
  9. Chandelier: Chandeliers do not necessarily have to be chandeliers. They can be a witch’s broom too! Suspend one over your dining table and carefully hang some mason jars with candles to get the perfect Halloween dining look.
  10. Old spooky framed photographs: Old photographs have always found their place on walls of old castles, be it movies or for real. And whether we admit it or not, they are certainly scary. So why not add this to your own home? Get your kids to pose for scary portraits and get them printed in black-and-white. Put them up with the help of dark wooden frames to complete the dark look.

Other than these ten, there are many other ways to spook up your home décor. All you have to do is let out your inner “monster” designer and get the best Halloween inspired home décor ready to “scare” your guests.


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