A Christmas Supper: 10 Table Décor Ideas for a Perfect Christmas Dinner

Christmas brings the joy of sharing with it. Since time immemorial, the occasion of Christmas has been associated with happiness, which comes with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, along with our loved ones. And an intrinsic part of this celebration is feasting; which calls for a perfect dinner full of delicacies and in the most perfect Christmas fashion.

So, it is only natural that our dining tables play an important role in Christmas feasting. This itself requires us to set them up in the most beautiful manner that carries the seasonal vibe.

Thus, here we have for you 10 table décor ideas for a perfect Christmas dinner:

  1. A Dinner In Pink: The color pink exudes sweetness and warmth. Opt for a pink table cloth and add to it the touch of gold cutlery to give your guests the perfect homely vibe of warmth and celebration. You can even add a brown minimal flower vase with green and pink leaves to add a natural touch to your table.
  2. The Peppermint Potluck: Go for the immortal peppermint design for your dinner table. The combination of peppermint pink and white in your dinnerware and striped table runner of the same combination along with gold cutlery is sure to give your guests a perfect sweet dinner time. Twigs of rosemary are always welcome.
  3. Black & Gold Gets Never Old: Gold cutlery with black accents, white dinnerware with gold engravings, gold candle stands. All of this is sure to make your dinner of a rich taste.
  4. Play With Plaid: Always a Brit vibe, throw some plaids down your table cloth. Opt for bright combinations like bright red and blue, peppermint combination, etc. These carry a very cultural vibe that reminds one of the old times.
  5. A Dinner In Candle: Christmas is incomplete without candles. And an easy way to make for a beautiful candle setup for your dinner table is to cut out fir shapes from different shades of green paper stock and stick them up onto your candle holders. You can even add faux snow to show the winter vie. Set up the candles in the center of the table for a perfect magical candlelight Christmas dinner.
  6. What About Woodsy? : A woodsy themed centerpiece has its own fan-base. All you have to do is get a glass container and fill it with faux cranberries, unshelled nuts, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and dried citrus. And then position it on top of a polished wooden slice and place this at the centre of your dinner table. You do not need anything else.
  7. Cheers to Chairs: A dinner table certainly incorporates chairs. And a perfect way to put your chairs into effect is with the help of mini wreaths tied to the chair frames. To top it up, tie a ribbon along. This is bound to make your guests feel a lot special as they truly are.
  8. Wine N Dine: Wines are a part of the Christmas feast, this we all know. But there is another way in which you can put to use your empty wine bottles i.e. by turning them into candle holders. To make them suit the occasion; wrap them up in silver paper and suitable-colored ribbons.
  9. A Fruity Feast: Fruits like pomegranates and apples are well associated with Christmas. Try incorporating them in your dinner delicacies and if not then you can always use them for your table runner decor.
  10. Wrap It Up With Wreaths: To complete the Christmas dinner look, set up a rustic wreath or two on the windows by your dinner table along with greens and pinecones. This gives your Christmas dinner a perfect finishing.

Other than the 10 ways mentioned here, there are numerous other ways in which you can set up your Christmas dinner table. All you have to do is to look up on the internet or improvise. Either way, they are bound to make your Christmas dinner cherishable for a lifetime, both for you and your guests.


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