For Workspace, With Love: 9 Ways to Personalize Your Cubicle Workspace

As far as your work is concerned, your cubicle is your world. This is where you carry out all your everyday works assigned to you. And if we are to consider the quite notorious phrase, “Nobody likes the job they are doing”, then anything which helps us in concentrating and liking our jobs is always worth a try.

Just like our mental workspace, our physical workspace too requires to be matching ourselves in order for us to feel that we are in control of our work situations. And an effective way to do this is by personalizing decor our office space.

If you are thinking how, here are 9 ways in which you can personalize your cubicle workspace:

  1. Make a personalized clipboard: A very simple yet effective way to personalize your workspace is with the help of creating a clipboard. This allows you to put up small pictures and your personal paraphernalia which make you feel at home among your own belongings. Choosing your favorite colors to design it also helps a lot. You will actually have a lot of fun designing it.
  2. Personalize your drawers: Another innovative way is to set wallpaper in your drawer. Get a print out of your loved cartoon character or superhero or actor and set it up. You can also go for patterned wallpapers.
  3. Photo Wallpaper: For those of you who have little shelves in your workspace, you can easily print a grid of your favorite pictures and set them up on those empty spaces. Or you can even create a collage. Cut them out and stick them around. If you are a photographer, get a selection of your cherished clicks and put them up. Or you can put up pictures of your favorite soccer or baseball player. Go as you like.
  4. Customized mouse pad: Change the boring black mouse pad into your own personalized one. Bring out your inner artist, get hold of some suede (faux leather or anything of the sort to stick over your mouse pad), scissors, glue, colors, paintbrush, and paint away. Give the mouse pad a reason to exist.
  5. Mason jars as pen-stands: Get hold of a couple of small mason jars, paint them up in your favorite colors (in case of confusion, go for all white or all grey, neither of these ever fail), and use them to store your pens, pencils, rulers, etc. You can even use them to store flowers. It gives your workspace a homely feel.
  6. Hand-made pencil holders: Just like mason jars, vintage tin cans can give your workspace a great vintage look. Use them to store pencils and pens. Or you can even use them to store small succulents. They look great and add a unique natural look to your workspace.
  7. Chalkboards: Instead of maintaining a notepad for your to-do list, get yourself a small chalkboard. It certainly looks cute and gives your workspace a personalized touch. Chalk off as you keep completing your to-do list one by one. It’s a lot of fun. You can even draw small pictures as you wish and bring out your inner artist.
  8. Hang your cards: If you have the habit of collecting your New Year cards and birthday cards, then, instead of stuffing those in a drawer hang them up on a clothespin line along your cubicle wall. The different colors will certainly look good and give your workspace a personalized touch.
  9. Get a Quote: All of us find quotes that we can relate to or those that we find promising or maybe even lines in poems. You do too. Print them out. Frame them. And put them up in your cubicle. All this will definitely help you in concentrating on your work.

These are only 9 examples. There are numerous such ideas that you can add to your workspace to make it more personalized decoration and thus have a perfectly workable atmosphere. Opt for these as they will certainly help you in chalking out your to-do list faster and with a smile.


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