Get Copper-Licious: 8 Effective Ways To Add Copper To Your Home Décor

The element copper has always had unique popularity as far as home décor is concerned. Due to its old-world charm, many people have seemed to adopt this in different areas of their homes. From kitchen to bathroom to drawing-room, there are various ways in which copper has made its way into our houses and hearts as well.

Here are 8 ways in which you can put your taste in copper to effect:

  1. Copper Keaton Tray

The Copper Keaton tray comes with the assurance of giving your guests admire your hand-made delicacies further. Be it for drinks or appetizers, the copper Keaton tray can never go wrong. While the raised edges give it an altogether unique outlook and design, the large size and more-than-usual depth provide higher convenience while relishing food.

It also looks great as a display in the kitchen or in the dining room.

  • Copper Planters
    A couple of copper planters can enrich your dining room in a great manner. And you can complement them further by adding lush green succulents. Copper planters are perfect for a modern-day household as the succulent does not require much water and thus help in saving it. On the other hand, a couple of succulent cooper planters look like perfect pieces of art.
  • Copper Candleholders
    These are your perfect companions for a romantic dinner with your loved one. Their sleek modern design along with the old-world charm of copper is sure to give you the perfect romantic vibe. Available in various shapes, they can be used for home décor as well. Do as you may, with these candleholders, you can never go wrong.
  • Copper dining chair
    This is another piece that can be perfect for any room décor. A bistro-style dining chair with a copper finish can be used as a great complement for a farmhouse table. Or, one of these can also be used as a great piece of home décor. All you have to do is to find out a perfect place to place this beauty.
  • Copper Wall vessels
    These are a totally innovative form of wall setup. The geometric shapes of these vessels allow them to hold small pots that can be used to plant herbs or succulents. The copper finish further enhances the design giving it a modern yet rustic feel. Copper wall vessels are sold as a set which makes it a perfect combo for your dining room walls.
  • Copper curtain hooks
    Curtain hooks are an underrated aspect of room décor. We may think that they do not matter much but the truth is they contribute a great deal towards the overall room décor. Opt for minimal-shaped hooks which along with the copper finish provide a perfect finish to your drawing room décor. You can even choose to affix them on your bathroom windows.
  • Copper Fruit Basket
    We all love having fruits. And for those who don’t, fruits have always been a true source of art and there is no denying it. And the perfect way to complement them is with the help of a perfect copper fruit basket. Available in up to 3 tiers, these handcrafted pieces of pure art are sure to give to your kitchen a perfect sophisticated yet gorgeous look. Get one of these to celebrate the art of fruits in the most perfect manner.
  • Copper Metal Wall lamp
    Lights have always been a major source of home décor. And with so many variations, it is only natural to get confused about which you should opt for. Well, to do away with confusion, opt for a copper metal wall lamp. These can never go wrong. Their contemporary design along with the old-world charm of copper is perfect for any room, be it drawing, dining or bedroom. Opt for a light yellow light to go along with it that can greatly enhance your household décor. They can even be used as night lights.

Other than these, there are many other ways in which you can utilize copper as a home décor aspect. For example, Small copper candles, Copper-and-teak bowls, copper napkin ring sets, and many others. Going for these will certainly add a whole new look to your home bringing together a modern look along with a vintage appeal.


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