Thank You, Wreaths: 10 Effective Front-Door Wreath Designs for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is essentially the celebration of harvest. It calls for a huge gathering that makes family and friends come together to have a perfect meal. This certainly calls for a welcoming nature. With so many guests coming over, we all will have to see to it that they feel welcomed to our home. And the perfect way to make sure of this is with the help of front-door wreaths.

Here are a few front-door wreath designs that you can create:

  1. Tulle Turkey Wreath: Thanksgiving remains incomplete without a turkey. And this what makes this wreath so special. Set up one of these on your front doors and your guests will surely be delighted with its welcome. Very easy to make, all it takes is a little tulle and a few craft materials.
  2. Scented wreath: For a more blossomed welcome, add these to your front door. They not only look beautiful but smell very nice as well. Go for one of the four harvest scents, apple cinnamon, pine boughs, mulled cider and pumpkin spice.
  3. Hydrangea wreaths: For those looking for a front-door wreath that has a lot of volume to it, of for hydrangea wreath. Visit your nearest craft store get a bunch of faux hydrangeas and fix them up with hot glue. Get two to three colors for a more attractive look.
  4. Autumnal wreath: A wreath that reminds one of the autumnal warmth, these wreaths are easy to make. All you need are fabric autumn leaves, pinecones, and foam berries. A good way to enhance the look is to add dried cotton pods. Gather them up using hot glue. Add cotton clusters for a soft vibe. Your guests are sure to have a warm welcome with one of these on your front door.
  5. Corn Husk wreath: As the name suggests, you need real corn husks for these. Fix them up on a hoop to give your wreath a more rustic feel. This wreath is a pure reminder of what thanksgiving stands for i.e. harvest.
  6. Leaf wreath: A little tough to make but pays its debts in the best of ways, leaf wreath incorporates cardstock cut out in the shape of leaves, colored in autumnal shades, and fixing them on a hoop. Add a ribbon to complete the look. You can even add glitters if you want.
  7. Wheat Grass wreath: Just as it was with corn husk wreath, they give the perfect thanksgiving vibe to your guests. These wreaths feature a mix of grass and wheat over a base made of grapevine. 
  8. Acorn wreath: Perhaps one of the most pleasurable wreath designs, acorn wreath include acorns from your backyard (borrow some from the squirrels if need be), and a small torn piece of burlap to complete the rustic appearance.
  9. Colorful burlap wreath: A great way to innovate is to add multiple colors (more specifically orange and yellow, going by the season) to your burlaps and add a couple of small pumpkins.
  10. Colorful Paper wreath: Totally made out of hand, these wreaths are created using construction papers (inexpensive) of different colors (of the season) that are cut out to resemble leaves. They are then affixed to the hoop. This is a very minimalistic yet attractive design.

    You can even ask your kids to fill some of the leaves with what they are thankful for this year. Let them use different colors.
  11. Little pumpkin wreath: All you need for this are small-sized pumpkins and a few faux autumn leaves, and an orange bow to complete the look. They will bring the perfect warm autumnal vibe in the hearts of your guests.

Other than these 11 designs, there are other designs as well to give your guests the perfect welcome for Thanksgiving. All you have to do is search the net or bring out your inner Thanksgiver.


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