Reduce The Waste- Sustainable Gift Hacks For A Greener Tomorrow

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of waste generation in the U.S. increases by about 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year! Judging by the numbers, that brings us to about 5 million tons of waste in the holiday season alone! Such havoc on waste generation gives rise to a myriad of environmental concerns. Owing to the eco-conscious movements that we’re abiding by, it’s high time for us to switch to DIY sustainable and eco-friendly gift ideas.

This will not only help in reducing the overall waste generation but also contribute to a safer and sustainable world!

Top Sustainable DIY Gifts You Can Count On

  • Homemade Cookies And Cakes

For someone looking for sustainable and eco-friendly DIY projects, homemade cookies or cakes can be great gifting options! Just bake a batch of cookies or an entire cake at home, pack them in a sterilized glass jar, or a container, and add a personalized label with a short and thoughtful message! That’s going to create way more impact than the purchased goodies!

  • Flavored Herbs

If you’re thinking of gifting something to a tea-lover, then crafting a DIY herb blend is what you can think of doing! Select herbs available in your garden, or at the local store, dry it, and mix it with the tea leaves to create your own flavored beverage! Pour it into a jar or reusable bag, and add a handwritten instruction to brew the perfect cup!

  • Bathing Essentials (Bath Bombs, Body Butter, etc.)

You might think of purchasing a bathing kit and gifting it to save labor. But that kills the whole point of a DIY and eco-friendly gift idea! So, rather than purchasing, try creating such bathing essentials and gifting them! Make use of natural ingredients like dried herbs, shea butter, and essential oils to create bath bombs and other essentials. Pack them in jars or small containers for a spa-like presentation!

Note: Don’t have enough time to curate a DIY gift? These effective and quick DIY gift ideas might help you out!

  • Winter Essentials

The holiday season is characterized by chilly gusts of wind and snowfall. So, homemade holiday gift ideas can work wonders. But again, don’t just purchase! Make it yourself, because that’s where the subtle message of your eco-consciousness and caring nature shows! Try knitting a scarf, beanie, or a pair of handgloves. Use natural fibers like wool for the touch of sustainability! You can even make use of old upcycled yarns to reduce waste generation.

  • A Terrarium

If you were thinking about DIY green gifts, this is one of the most simple and eco-friendly options that you have! Take a recycled glass jar, and fill it up with soil, and miniature plants! It looks like a mini garden inside a room, and is relaxing to just look at! Also, make sure to not lock its opening and closing mechanism. You will need it to ensure the survival of the plants inside!

Does Packaging Have A Role To Play Here?

Yes indeed! The packaging does play a significant role in gifts, as well as in waste generation! So, cut off the idea of buying gift wraps from shops. Use old magazines, newspapers, or recyclable brown bags to wrap eco-friendly gifts for friends and family. These are bio-degradable materials that help reduce waste generation significantly.

Making An Eco-Conscious Choice

Making an eco-conscious choice should not be a mere trend. Rather, it should be the practice that everyone makes willfully, and contributes their small part to a greener tomorrow.

Have more sustainable DIY gift ideas to share? Feel free to drop a mail at and share your thoughts.


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