DIY Decor Ideas to Get Rid of Boring Walls


Minimalism is the trend of this decade and that has made many people get rid of a lot of unnecessary clutter. However, when you go overboard with any idea, it can lead to undesirable consequences. For instance, a wall that’s too blank looks lifeless and boring and none of us want that in our home.

Here are some easy DIY wall Decor Ideas to spark your creativity:

1. Turn Plants into Wall Arts

A bunch of potted plants has a magical effect on a boring wall. They add a lot of color and spruce up your wall in the most organic way. The most minimal space gets a bit of intrigue while a bright-colored wall gets a healthy dose of contrast. It’s an unexpected decor style that impresses your guests without fail. As long as you stick to low-maintenance and local plants, this one remains a cheap DIY wall decor idea.  

2. Gallery Wall

There’s no better way of adding a personal touch to a wall than turning it into a gallery full of your memories and here’s the fun part – no rules. There are no set guidelines for creating gallery walls. It may be a gallery of precious memories with your loved ones, posters of your favorite bands, printed frames of trending NFTs, anime characters, or anything else.

Gallery walls also fit perfectly with Boho-themed living rooms. Just make sure to adopt a consistent style with the frames and materials you use. Moreover, it’s great to have a larger center image that’s positioned at the center of the wall and at the eye level of an adult. Let your creativity flow and position images accordingly.

3. Living Wall

Living walls always look impressive, whether you stay true to the ‘living’ part or not. Faux living walls are a comprehensive project that requires a lot of effort and planning. However, they are absolutely worth the time and money since they are an ‘evergreen’ trending DIY wall decor idea. 

Gather all the necessary tools including staple guns, hot glue guns, artificial moss, and dried wood. A living wall should have a wide variety of fake climbers, vines, and moss with a healthy mix of real succulents and planters.

4. Fake and Funky Frames

Gallery wall ideas are hard to ignore. However, framed pictures are very organized and present a polished look even when you choose the most abstract and wonky pictures. That’s where fake frames come in. Print out bold vector art in different rectangular or square dimensions and stick them to the wall with adequate space in between. Frame them with colorful tape and you have successfully achieved peacock-level transformation for a drab wall. It’s a DIY wall art decor that everyone can get behind.

5. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors have been both aesthetic decor and functional tools for thousands of years. When you use mirrors properly, it allows you to expand a space while adding lighter and style. Now this may be in the form of a single large round mirror with decorative etchings or a bunch of fake windows with mirrors instead of transparent glass. On the other hand, minimalists usually choose to point out the room’s focal point with a mirror. Either way, it’s a nifty DIY wall decoration idea.  

Wall decor serves beyond artistic goals. They have the potential to change the overall vibe of the room and amplify or lower the energy in a space. It’s also important to note that you won’t find every idea appealing. Some would be easy to implement, some wouldn’t fit with other decor elements while others add to your maintenance woes. Assess all your options to come up with an idea that works for you.


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