Whip up Something Wonderful With 5 Quick and Easy DIY Gifts

Quick and easy DIY gifts

Humans are social beings who love gestures. That’s why you feel more grateful and blessed when you receive hand-knitted socks instead of an expensive watch. The former symbolizes thoughtfulness, creativity, and a deep connection, while the latter symbolizes late-stage capitalism and a fat paycheck. Every year you get several opportunities to gift your loved ones something special. Why not create a token of love which is quick and easy handmade gifts.

Let’s Check Out a Few Quick And Easy DIY Gift Ideas You Can Try:

1. Scented DIY Candles

Candles are the symbol of coziness, warmth, light, and all things positive. It’s simply impossible to go wrong with this gift idea. It’s a quick and easy DIY gift that has unlimited customization possibilities. You can fine-tune the candles by choosing everything from their scent and color to their shape and the vessel they are contained in. After you make a candle, you can also carve it with letters, birth dates, symbols, or something else to make it extra special.

1.   Snow Globes

If you’re looking for last minute DIY gift for friends during the holiday season, snow globes are your best bet. They are simple, inexpensive, and can be whipped up within no time. You need a few basic materials like:

  • Jars
  • Glycerin
  • Glitter
  • Epoxy
  • Props, toys, and paint for customization

If you want to create a snow globe as a Christmas gift, customize the snow globe with reindeer figurines, a toy sled, tiny pine tree props, and paint white and red bands near the base. Unleash your imagination to create something truly unique. For more DIY snow globe inspiration you can check out the snow globe designs which you can make at home.

2.   Oven mitts

So, you don’t want something holiday-specific. Instead, you’re looking for creative homemade gift ideas for any occasion. Something that’s functional, gender-neutral, practical, and has a universal appeal. At this point, you may as well throw around more adjectives associated with oven mitts. They are great as housewarming gifts, anniversary tokens, and birthday gifts, and crocheted versions are simply too cute and charming to be used in the kitchen.

3.   Hot Pads

If you’re a master at sewing or knitting and love to hand out kitchen gifts, hot pads come in on a close second right after oven mitts. They protect your polished countertops and expensive wooden tables from hot pans, pots, and dishes. They can also add a pop of color to otherwise bland kitchens with an industrial design.

Hot pads are easy DIY gift ideas that can be customized to all kinds of patterns. You can knit custom shapes, stitches, and alphabets, or even patch different fabrics together for a one-of-a-kind hot pad. Some even like to make hot pads with pockets to add an extra layer of functionality.

4.   Hand-crafted Bracelet

Summer camps are fun. You get to indulge in all kinds of activities and make friendship bracelets to exchange with friends at the camp and school. While you can’t go to a summer camp as an adult, bracelets are still in fashion. So, if you’re looking for some creative DIY craft gift ideas, look no further than the humble bracelet!  

You can create something sophisticated with braided leather or something utilitarian and practical like paracord bracelets. You can also recycle leftover fabric scraps from trying out other DIY ideas in this list to make something distinctive.

DIY gifts aren’t just affordable, but have immense potential for personalization. You can create something that stands above anything bought from the store and convey your sentiments. It transcends commercialism and speaks volumes about your love and appreciation for the other person.


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