5 Significant Takeaways for Canadian Home Sellers

Canadian Home Sellers

Are you looking forward to listing your home for sale and worried about the fluctuations In the Canadian real estate market? The pandemic turned the real estate market in favour of sellers but the current trends show a change.

What prompted the change since the end of a pandemic? The changes are there but what does it mean for Canadian home sellers? Does that mean that homes for sale in Okanagan are taking a backseat? A lot needs to be explored about the real estate market.

5 things Canadian home sellers should know about the real estate market

Here is what knowledge sellers need to collate before diving into the Candian real estate market. 

  1. Popular places have the highest home prices
  2. The local real estate market is vastly different than the national market. The market conditions of areas that most buyers prefer to relocate to are different than the places that they are eager to leave. For several areas, the pattern of relocation of buyers has changed completely. That is when you realise that the conditions prevailing in Kelowna will have a remarkable effect on the value of the home.

    For residents settled in the best neighbourhoods, there is every chance of commanding the best prices even if the overall growth rate is slow. If you are looking forward to listing Okanagan homes for sale but not residing in the popular areas, you need to judge the potential buyers more steadily. A lot will depend on the listing agent you are associating with and go a long way in determining how successful you are going to be when fetching profits for selling your home.

  3. Prices are soaring
  4. As a seller, you are likely to feel moderately good about the prices of homes. Does that mean that home prices are declining? No, they aren’t. It simply means that the rate at which home prices are growing has changed. It is looking more consistent now.  Gone are the days of waiting for the prices of homes to soar or reach their peak.

    If you have been waiting for the prices to pick steam, you need to settle down for odd-even pricing. Why don’t you speak to a Kelowna luxury real estate agent? If the house you are trying to sell falls in the luxury segment, you need, an agent who will let you know the current market conditions. Are you still anxious to put your home for sale? If the answer is yes, Justin O’Connor Group is one of the most reputed listing agencies to showcase your home for sale. They are associated with Sotheby’s Realty, so you can trust them when putting up your home for sale.

  5. Affordable places are in demand
  6. As a seller, you need to judge the capacity of sellers first. With downsizing trends picking up the pace faster than you think, buyers are busy saving for the future. Therefore, people are looking for affordable areas.

    That way Kelowna becomes a booming location as more and more buyers are searching for homes in the suburban areas where communities are enjoying opportunities similar to the bigger cities. So, your Okanagan property for sale is sure to pick momentum. Just remember that you target the property to interested buyers. As a home seller, you need to watch for opportunities even when the market looks less favourable.

  7. Wait for buyers
  8. One of the most noted aspects of the housing market for sellers is that their wait time will shoot. The reason is simple. About a few years ago, homebuyers were inclined to bargain to secure a good deal but no longer the same scenario prevails today.

    If you are a seller trying to pitch up your Okanagan homes for sale, you may not be lucky enough to secure a deal through your first buyer. Now, the reasons can be many. Some buyers may back out due to high prices that what they anticipated to pay and are forced to back off when the application falls through. The chances of working out a favourable deal are higher if you can wait to get it.

  9. Be patient
  10. As a seller, you need to be patient. Don’t expect your home to sell within a few days of being listed on the market. The sale process may begin within a few weeks or a few months may be based on the location and the price you quote.

The real estate market is a slippery slope and you might find it tough to crack deals, be it when selling or buying a house. That is why associating with an expert in the field of real estate can help you get the best returns and reduces the chances of unwanted delay or deals not working through.


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