It’s Snowing Globes!- 10 Snow Globe Designs for You to Make At Home

Winter is around the corner and so is Christmas. And perhaps one of the most popular and exquisite pieces of Christmas home décor is the snow globe. Timeless and ideal, snow globes can be used as mantelpieces, Christmas lamps, and as Christmas gifts too. They are easy to make at home and it is indeed a lot of fun to make them.

Now, snow globes can be made in infinite varieties. And do not be alarmed at this, for each drop makes an ocean, each snow globe makes a Christmas.

Here are a few snow globe designs for you to make at home:

  1. Shot glass snow globes: Shot glasses are one of the most affordable bases for home-made snow globes. All you have to do is fill them with small Christmas items and then stick them to a card-stock base. There, your snow globe is ready. Now, all you have to do is top the snow globe with colorful buttons threaded through baker’s twines for easy hanging.
  2. Mason jar snow globe: Available in almost every local craft store, these have their own rustic look. Fill them with figurines you like. You can even thread small white balls and stick the threads on the lower side of the jar lid to show a snow-fall effect.
  3. Recycled snow globe: This involves recycled beverage bottles and containers that are used as snow globes. Tie a Christmas ribbon around the bottle and one around the lip, and fill it up with Christmas paraphernalia to have a complete Christmas effect.
  4. Family Photo snow globes: Get a leftover jar from your kitchen, print your family photo, laminate them and place them in the jar Along with a small Christmas pine tree. You can even add lights or fill the jar with colored water. Either of these will look great without costing you much.
  5. Woodsy snow globe: This kind is based more on the look that the snow globe itself. Woodsy means “related to wood” or “woodland”. This means the color brown plays a significant role here. Fill the globe up with a pine tree and a squirrel or mushrooms to give the perfect woodsy Christmas look.
  6. Glass dome snow globe: Reach the nearest thrift store and get yourself a second-hand glass vessel to use a snow globe. A glass vessel has larger area that can be used to depict a Christmas scene in a better manner like a couple along with their child celebrating Christmas.
  7. Glitter Snow globe: A very popular choice among kids, it does not take much to make one of these. All you have to do is add the Christmas motifs, fill it up with water and add glitter. Use glycerin to help stop the water from evaporating and slowing the movement of glitter when shaken to give it the all-time famous snowfall effect.
  8. Mini Snow Globe: As the name suggests, these snow globes have a minimal design. For this, you can use a Christmas light bulb and insert a small pine tree inside it. These can easily be hanged on a Christmas tree or almost anywhere you like. Use white glitter to enhance the wintry effect. The best thing about them is their size which enables them to be set up anywhere.
  9. Bauble snow globes: Beautiful and perfect, round bauble snow globes are perfect for Christmas gifts. The most opted for utensil for this kind of snow globes are the vintage-looking bronze rings. Fill them up with Christmas motifs and white glitter for the perfect winter holiday gift.
  10. Succulent snow globe: This idea incorporates placing succulents inside the snow globe. This can be done by positioning them on slivers of wine cork. This adds a warm sunny vibe to the Christmas morning.

Snow globes have always been an intrinsic part of Christmas celebration. Do what you want to do with these because with Christmas snow globes, everything is beautiful. So break the ice, not the glass.


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