6 Multifunctional Space-Saving Accessories for your kitchen

Kitchen storage baskets

Whether you have a big or small kitchen, you can never have enough storage in this busy room. This cooking space is always messy and because of the small essentials in this space, the counters are always covered in snack boxes, cutlery, or other things. All homeowners struggle with the lack of storage space in the kitchen.

Kitchen organizers like metal storage carts, wooden racks, portable trolleys, and cutlery holders can come in handy to organize the extra boxes and veggies. While storage boxes can help hide the products from the eyes, giving an illusion of much organized and empty space. You can also use serving trays in your drawers for organizing different things. 

Here is a run-down of the best multifunctional kitchen storage accessories that can help you make the most of all the accessories commonly found in your cooking space. 

6 Must-Have Kitchen Storage Accessories 

1. Use Serving Trays in Kitchen Drawers for Organizing Cutlery 

You can also invest in cutlery trays online for this hack, but buying a serving tray will allow you to use it in other ways as well than just systematically arranging spoons and knives. We are sure you have an old worn-off tray in your home – lay it out in your drawer and reuse it as a Cutlery tray. 

2. Kitchen Storage Baskets 

From organizing vegetables to weekly ration packs, storage baskets can be used for storing a lot of things. Different sized baskets can be used for accommodating deep and shallow storage. We recommend investing in metal baskets since they are more sturdy and durable. Also, always make sure to buy baskets in multi-tiered options as they maximize the storage space. Kitchen storage baskets are available in different shapes and designs, so select pieces that suit your space's design and aesthetic to make the most of these functional accessories.

3. Kitchen Trolleys 

Your regular cabinets, drawers, and pantry can’t take the load of heavy stuff. Most of these modular spaces are designed with specific weight capacity and can fall apart if you fill them up completed. Instead keeping a separate heavy-duty storage cart in your kitchen is a great way to make more room for different accessories like water bottles, various boxes, serving accessories, etc. If you have limited space consider buying a portable trolley online, so that you can move it according to your comfort.  

4. Storage Containers

You can never stock enough storage containers in your kitchen. Today, with the wide variety of options of snacks and cereals in the market, everyone has a different preference and these packs demand extra containers. Explore kitchen containers online in innovative patterns and layouts to ensure that even if you are placing the boxes on the counter, they look nice and take minimum space. 

Cooking also requires a multitude of diverse ingredients – be it spices, herbs, or sauces, our kitchens need to accommodate a lot of containers, so make sure to design a layout that can cater to that. If it's too late, you can use cake stands and Lazy Susan to make more room on your counters and layout all your condiment boxes nicely on these serving accessories.

Kitchen Storage Hack: Part of the reason why kitchens are always messy is because of the residents' constant rampaging of the drawers and cabinets for snacks. So, invest in a few ceramic boxes and dedicate a cart solely for organizing snacks.

5. Wall Shelves 

If you have a small kitchen with minimum foot space, adding carts in your cooking area might not be an ideal choice. So instead of storage carts online, buy heavy-duty wooden wall shelves with multiple hooks for storing all your kitchen containers. You can also use these wall shelves as your mini-pantry or snack shelf. 

6. Wall Hooks

While wooden shelves and trolleys are great for storing heavy boxes and utensils, wall hooks can be used in the kitchen for holding small items like ladles, aprons, cups, pans, etc. You can invest in heavy-duty wall hooks and even use them for holding your shopping bags until you clean them after a shopping spree. Wall hooks take minimum space in your kitchen while allowing you to store a wide variety of things on them. You can buy wall hooks online in beautiful designs to accentuate your kitchen in style. Consider investing in hooks-on-board with scripted text relevant to your cooking space to make a fun statement in your kitchen.

Wall Hook Hack: For maximizing the storage space in your kitchen consider adding hooks in the internal space of your cabinet doors and use them for hanging different utensils and small cutlery items. You can also use adhesive hooks for this hack if you don’t want to insert holes in your well-furnished cabinets.    


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