Navigate The Kitchen Remodeling Maze Without Mistakes


Remodeling any part of your home is an exciting project especially so when it’s the heart of your home – the kitchen. It’s a place that becomes the life of the party with fun conversations and fond memories. That’s why it’s easy to feel overwhelmed while remodeling your kitchen.

You need to put a lot of thought into remodeling your kitchen. It’s a complex process with several components that need to work together in harmony. It’s easy to overlook a few things and make mistakes. Fortunately, we have compiled kitchen remodeling mistakes that must be avoided to make your remodeling project a success.

Kitchen remodeling mistakes you must avoid during a remodeling project:

1. Undervalued Expenses

Remodeling projects can be expensive or cost-effective depending on your requirements. Either way, you need to assess the costs in your budget to avoid nasty surprises. If you would like to minimize cost, you can try a few DIY hacks. However, big changes will come with a hefty price tag. Even if you have been meticulous with cost estimation, it’s best to add a decent overhead to your budget. For instance, if you think that the project is going to cost $50,000, add at least 20% to the budget for some extra wiggle room.

2. Inadequate Lighting

Every room in your home has a different purpose and comes with different lighting requirements. Not adding enough lighting is one of the most common kitchen design mistakes. Cooking dishes inside this culinary space requires bright lighting that lets you assess the color of the food and eye-test the texture before proceeding to different steps. Make sure that the kitchen gets ample natural light during the day and has enough lighting fixtures for the night. With dimmable lights, you can fine-tune the ambiance of the kitchen while entertaining your guests.

3. Restricted Flow with Narrow Clearances

When you work in the kitchen, you may need to move ingredients from the sink to the cutting board. You’ll find yourself transferring meat from the frying pan to the oven, reaching out to the cupboard for seasonings, and accessing the refrigerator multiple times. When you are moving so much in a small space, you need to make sure that nothing blocks your movement.

Not accounting for a free flow of traffic is a very common kitchen remodeling mistake when considering these changes. Make sure that at least two people can stand side-by-side through the movable space inside the kitchen and minimize sharp corners as much as possible.  

4. Not Utilizing Vertical Space

Your kitchen must be beautiful. After all, that’s one of the major reasons for investing so much money in this kitchen transformation. However, with all the hanging lighting fixtures and exquisite kitchen backsplashes, it is important to not waste vertical space when you are short on it. It’s a glaring kitchen remodeling mistake to avoid since it wastes so much usable space. Make sure to create enough layers inside cabinets. The decor can go on the space over the cabinets. Use floating shelves or meta mesh accessories instead of the backsplash.

5. Not Involving Professionals

Playing a handyman is great. All of us love to fix stuff and make small modifications in our homes. For instance, changing light fixtures with a few garage tools brings a feeling of fulfilment. Unfortunately, DIY-ing can cost you immensely when you attempt major changes without the required expertise. That’s where you need to hand over the reins to professionals so that they can use their vast experience, specialized tools, and technical know-how to pull off major changes.   

When you remodel your kitchen, you have the power to make transformative changes and revitalize the space. You can check out that what are the top ways to decorate your kitchen beautifully, as well. Just make sure to dodge the above-mentioned mistakes so that you can create a space that makes you proud. Ground your expectations to reality to craft your dream culinary paradise.


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