Luxury Meets Fitness: Guide to Build a Fitness Fanatic’s Dream Home

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You know health and fitness are front and centre in the public consciousness when fast food chains are coming up with healthy, nutritious and vegan options to attract new customers. If you’re a fitness freak who wants to create a home that caters to your wellness, you’re at the right place.

As someone who takes his health very seriously, it’s important to have a home that can help you optimise your workouts, inspire you to put in more sets and align with your ideal lifestyle. Fortunately, you can achieve that with the help of a reputable custom home building company.

Must-have features for luxurious and healthy living:

1. The perfect luxury home gym design

●     Space

A luxurious home gym always starts with ample space. You need sufficient room to move around while doing lunges, farmer’s walks or simply sharing the space with your partner. While there are no strict size guidelines, the gym in your luxury custom home should have a lot of walkable space after accommodating all the machines, weights and gym accessories.

●     Flooring

Next, you need to think about the flooring. Ideally, a weighted exercise area with smith machines, barbells, dumbbells, squat racks and other such equipment should have thick rubber flooring to absorb impact when you let go of the weight. Treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and other such cardio-focused equipment should have isolated flooring.   

●     Visibility

When you are working out, it’s important to execute the correct form to target the right muscles and make the most out of your limited time. That’s why your home gym should have large mirrors on at least three sides and plenty of natural and artificial lighting. Luxury custom home builders can easily achieve this with floor-to-ceiling windows and an array of smart ceiling lights.

●     Ventilation

Finally, ventilation is the last part of the equation since it helps you keep the space smelling nice even when you’re sweating buckets during intense workout sessions. A good air filtration system with a clever design allows you to maintain high hygiene standards even when you’re drenched in your own sweat.

2. Recovery room

Whether you are on a bro-split (one specific muscle group each day of the week) or on a push-pull-leg split (your pushing, pulling and lower body muscles are worked twice a week), rest day is important. However, most fitness fanatics feel guilty about taking a day off.

A recovery room inspires you to rest and simply allow your muscles and cardiovascular system to heal and become stronger. Recovery rooms in new home buildingsmay have everything from massage chairs and gaming consoles to large flatscreens and VR headsets. You can put anything and everything that tempts you to take a break from working out.

3. Steam room

Modern gyms are increasingly incorporating steam rooms and including them in their monthly package. Steam or sauna rooms are great at releasing tension from your aching muscles. The mild heat inside these rooms increases blood flow and helps to relieve the tension in your joints. When you’re building a custom home with a holistic approach towards fitness, a steam room is indispensable. An intense workout followed by ten to fifteen minutes inside a steam room can help your sore muscles recover rapidly.

4. Build a salt-water pool

Salt-water pools are a trend that’s about to become mainstream in the future. There are plenty of health benefits to swimming in one. Some of them include:

  • Less harsh on the skin
  • Kinder to your eyes
  • Soothes aching joints and sore muscles
  • Helps you unwind and lowers your stress levels

Moreover, it’s easier to maintain and better for the environment compared to chlorine pools.

5. Meditation room

A room dedicated to personal wellness and meditation. Now that’s luxury living! Meditation doesn’t need to mean sitting on a mat with bent knees and chanting the words of an unfamiliar language. For some, it’s being alone with your thoughts or getting rid of all thoughts in a quiet setting.

For others, it’s listening to great music or reading their favourite novel, whatever floats your boat. BC home builders design these rooms to fit your definition of meditation while adding robust soundproofing to keep you free from distractions.

6. A great kitchen

Fitness enthusiasts know that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ and it’s a big part of a health-focused home. Even if you like to order out often, the kitchen is going to be indispensable. It better be a great one with all the measuring tools, custom storage, and cooking machines that allow you to portion control, count your calories and stick to your diet.

Building a home that’s luxurious and helps you hit your fitness goals at the same time isn’t a complicated task. As long as you add these features with the help of the right builders, you can create an empowering environment that helps you stay in shape and enjoy a happier life.


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