7 Ways to Overindulge In Your Custom Home

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Are you waiting to hit the bull’s eye and fulfill your dream of building a custom home? Fortunately, it is the time you rediscover yourself and want to go back to your roots. It is one of the most significant investments of your life, so you can’t let go of the opportunity of overindulging in various ways. If it’s a forever home, you have got more reasons to explore all the possibilities. From custom cabinetries, outdoor kitchens, a well-defined patio, heated floors, and swimming pools, you have a world of options to experiment with.

Try to calculate a list of must-haves for your custom home and find out its resale value. If you want to be like the other expensive homes in the neighbourhood, here are a few areas where you can splurge. However, you must try to set a budget and make your splurges worth the money you spend.

Here are 7 ways you can splurge when you buy new houses for sale Kelowna.

7 areas to overspend when building the custom home

  1. The flooring of your home
  2. When it comes to the flooring of your home, there are multiple options within your budget spectrum. But, flooring is one area you can overindulge to a certain extent as it impacts the appearance, comfort, and resale value of your property down the line. The prospect of splurging becomes more inevitable if you have kids and pets at home when you need high-end tiles or lamination, especially in moisture-prone spaces like the bathroom, mudroom, and kitchen. For bedrooms, however, you can get stain-resistant carpets to step up the comfort level.

  3. Location
  4. Location is one of the most important aspects to focus on when you need a good ROI when it comes to new houses for sale Kelowna. Are you looking for strategically-located properties? Do you want a home offering higher value?  Location is another facet where you can spend more than your budget as it will help you reap the benefits. A nicely-built custom home in a developing location is what offers a high resale value. So, go for it if you want.

  5. Designing the outdoor space
  6. Based on your family’s lifestyle, the outdoor area design is where you can put more money beyond your budget. Are you planning to live in the new home with your family? Do you entertain guests often? Are fun things and weekend parties on your must-have list? If you love to party and enjoy get-togethers, invest more in the outdoor space. A few things you need to have outdoors are a pool, a big patio or deck, and an outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator and grill. If you need adequate space for the outdoors, explore new lots for sale Kelowna and be sure about the kind of space you will need to create an extended outdoor space.

  7. Kitchen
  8. The kitchen is one of those areas where you spend major hours of the day. Hence, you need to feel comfortable in the kitchen. Try to plan the kitchen layout based on your requirements and go on adding a bit more area, especially if you are constructing the home from scratch. Explore the kitchen trends of Kelowna new homes for sale, especially the sinks, cabinets, and appliances. Dilworth Homes is one of the custom home builders in Kelowna that you can rely on for creating the layout of a high-end kitchen comprising all the features. With them, you can step ahead with plentiful ideas for overindulging in kitchen design.

  9. Insulation
  10. It’s worth splurging on the insulation of your custom home as you will eventually lower the cooling and heating costs. Using double or triple-pane windows may offer better protection to your home during extreme temperatures.

  11. The mud room
  12. Splurging on the mud room? Does it sound practical? Indeed. Make your mudroom more practical with built-in storage options. Apart from this, you can have a separate table to drop the boots, scarves, and heavy coats during the heavy winter months when it snows relentlessly.

  13. Landscaping
  14. One of the biggest indulgences when building your custom-made house is pushing ahead the curb appeal. From low-maintenance plants to exquisite lights, and a wide driveway, you need to allocate the budget to get everything you want even if it means going beyond the initial plan.

Designing a custom home is an exciting process but it brings a lot of stress when you aim to overindulge. Work with a trusted home builder to get better ideas on how and where you can splurge to rev up the resale value of your investment in new housing developments Kelowna and reap the benefits later.


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