DIY Home Appliance Maintenance Tricks and Tips

We are always anxious about this but do not bother to master the tricks and tips to get your money’s worth. What if your home appliance breaks down in the middle of the washing cycle or the refrigerator shuts down just as you start preparing the holiday meal? You may need a little bit of effort to deal with minor malfunctions.

Here are a few DIY home appliance maintenance hacks to follow even if you have no prior experience:

1. Verify the tight seal

Does your oven have a tight seal? Heat will escape from the oven if it has an improper seal. Eventually, food will take longer to cook or may not cook evenly. To check the condition of the seal, you just need to open the oven door and locate the rubber gasket around the door. You need to check for a deformed rubber gasket or any leaks. Once you locate the defect, you can replace the seal.

2. Cleaning the AC filters

Is your AC working partially and is often sending out warm air? If the appliance has a reusable filter, just pull them out from the machine and clean them with water. Let the filters dry and put them back. However, if the filters are worn out and have not been changed for a while, you must replace the filter.

3. Cleaning the refrigerator coils

The refrigerator coil often becomes home to dust, dirt, and pet dander, limiting the flow of cold air. Naturally, the refrigerator needs to work harder to stay cool. You may occasionally clean the coils at the back but try to clean them extensively twice a year. Try to remove the loose particles of dirt from the coil. Depending on the water usage, you may have to change the coil every three to six months. But remember to pick the coil that aligns with the refrigerator model for the seamless functioning of the machine.

4. Check the moving parts of your appliance

Moving parts of home appliances may fail to function adequately as the machines age. When taking care of every appliance, you must address the functioning of the moving parts like motors and fans. Usually, fans and motors may make weird noises when they malfunction. If you hear a similar noise, try to replace the fans. As far as motor repairing is concerned, you need to leave it to experts before repairing or replacing them.

5. Cleaning and deodorizing the garbage disposal unit

Cleaning and refreshing the garbage disposal unit is easy, you just have to turn the equipment off and check if any large item is stuck somewhere. Try to use tongs to remove those blockages and then pour a mixture of vinegar, ice cubes and salt down the drain, to make sure it smells fresh, put a few lemon peels in the mixture and run the tap for the best results.

6. Inspect the hose of the washing machine

Most washing machine overflows occur due to leaks in the hose. Check the hose that connects to the back portion of your washing machine to detect weak spots, leaks, and cracks. Check for major deformities in the hose and if there are any, you will need to replace it immediately.

7. Cleaning the crumb tray of your toaster

Most people using toasters do not even know that they have a crumb tray. If you ignore cleaning the crumb tray, it may lead to a fire hazard.  Try to empty the crumb tray weekly and wipe it clean to avoid such accidents.

DIY home maintenance involves several tricks if you are keen to save money. Follow these simple hacks to fix minor issues and rule out the everyday hassles. The best part is not waiting for the service personnel to fix a minor screw.


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