Less Is More : The Only Minimalist Bedroom Guide You Need

minimalist bedroom ideas

While it started as a philosophy, minimalism has slowly crept into several aspects of our lives and plays a key role in modern architecture and design. If you want a sleep sanctuary that’s free from distractions and embraces tranquility, get the minimalist bedroom ideas, the best way to go for.

Here’s how you can create minimalist bedroom decor ideas for yourself easily:

1. It Always Starts With Decluttering

Every minimal guide starts with decluttering for obvious reasons. How would you plan out changes if you can’t even see what’s under the pile of clothes or behind the numerous useless furniture pieces? Identify all the items that have no use or don’t belong in your minimalist and relaxing bedroom. 

This includes everything from workout gear and bookshelves to desks, bean bags, and even seasonal accessories. Once your bedroom looks empty enough without any clutter, you can make room for incredible minimalist bedroom ideas. 

2. Keep it Neutral

Designers, architects, marketers, and many other professionals need to make it through an entire course in color theory. That’s how important color is. It affects our perception, mood, and evokes certain emotions. If you’re looking to build a minimalist bedroom for mental clarity, choose neutral colors. 

Unlike bright colors that pop out and make you excited or energetic, neutral hues help you calm down. When you enter your minimalist bedroom after a busy day, it should instantly clear your mind and put it in a relaxed state. Neutral palettes also get rid of distractions and can blend seamlessly with the rest of the room decor.  

3. Use Multi-functional Furniture

Minimal or not, multi-functional furniture is great for any home. Multi-functional furniture allows you to save up space. As real estate prices maintain the spike and homes get smaller, no one’s in a position to say no to extra floor space. 

With multi-functional furniture, you can hit the goal of minimal furniture for your minimalist bedroom. Even if you have a studio apartment, your bedroom needs nothing more than:

  • A convertible bed that doubles as a couch.
  • A closet that doubles as a work desk   

This makes for a simpler life with fewer vacuuming chores, and fewer risks of hitting yourself in the foot when you wake up for a pee break in the middle of the night.

4. Amplify Natural Light

Natural light is a mood enhancer. An ample amount of daylight keeps you happy and that’s why corporates are doing away with cubicles and concrete walls that block out natural light. Adding more natural light is the ideal minimalist bedroom idea for small rooms since it creates the illusion of expanded space. 

Natural light also acts as a disinfectant that kills off bacteria and restricts mold growth. Your space feels and smells fresher when you have plenty of natural light. You can add more windows to your room, add more mirrors or skylights, and replace thick curtains to allow for more light.

Nail all the basics mentioned in this guide and you can create the minimalist bedroom of your dreams. However, minimalist doesn’t need to translate into drab, bland, or boring. There’s always room for subtle customizations with minimalist yet modern bedroom decor ideas. Add one personal item, accent lighting, a vintage chair, and textures with linens, and curtains. We’d love to see how you’ve incorporated your personality into your minimalist haven – Share photos and descriptions of your minimalist haven in the comments below.    


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