6 Home Exterior Renovation Ideas No One Can Overlook

When did you last look at your home’s exterior lovingly? You mustn’t have renovated the home’s exterior in recent times. Do you know that the home’s exterior adds to the value of the property? The outside of your house needs to resonate with the architectural style, and it needs to have those elements that protect your home from weathering and moisture. So, if you are someone who has not remodeled the home’s exterior for long, now is the time to add a notch to your belt. So, here are exterior remodeling ideas to make the outside of your home look decent.

6 home renovation ideas to make your home noticeable

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint has the power to refresh your home’s exterior ad give a new lease of life to your property. Even when the paint does not peel or crack, not changing the color may make your house dirty and dingy from the outside. Adding new colors immediately brightens up the space outside and makes your home noticed. Make sure the colors you choose to align with the architectural style of your home. For instance, a modern and contemporary home must have bright shades whereas a Victorian house needs a shade darker to preserve the looks.

2. Clear the Dirt

Has your home collected a lot of dirt and grime? Apply power washers to improve its look from the outside. You can hire professionals for the job and get better results when your house is treated with power washers. Besides, you need to wash the windows to make the house look sparkling clean.

3. Add a Deck or Patio

If you have the budget to do up the exteriors of your home, building a deck or patio will offer long-term gains. Decks and patios have turned into outdoor living areas where homeowners spend a chunk of time during the summer. Just keep in mind to make the patio or the deck as functional as you can get maximum value out of it. A wooden deck is adorable but a stone patio not only lasts longer but is easy to maintain. However, if you already have a patio or a deck, add fresh wood stain but before that don’t forget to remove the cracked stones or rotten wood.

4. Upgrade the Roof

The condition of the roof decides how your home functions and looks from the outside. If you haven’t changed the roof in years and your house is pretty old, change the shingles or the entire roof if needed. You can choose architectural shingles instead of traditional shingles and protect your home from UV rays as well as keep it cool.

5. Remodel the Windows

Windows is the face of your home. So, if there are fewer and smaller windows on the front portion, enlarge them. Adding a bay window or simply changing the existing windows may add a new dimension to your home’s exterior.

6. Change the Landscaping

When renovating the home’s interiors, one thing you cannot miss is landscaping. You need not have much. Just add a few plants and shrubs to add life to your house.

Exterior home renovation not only improves the home’s appearance but lends value to your property. So, start looking for professionals to remodel the outside of your home and feel satisfied with the new looks.


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