Renovation Hacks: Best Tips for Finding Your Dream Contractor

Whether you’re trying to renovate the guest room or exploring options for a substantial makeover, you’ll need to hire the right contractor for the job. Good contractors have the right connections, source the best materials, and stick to deadlines to deliver the project. Here’s how you can find a dream contractor for your home renovation project:

Scan their socials 

Reviews and client testimonials allow you to find diamonds in the coal mine. You can start from home and ask relatives or friends for recommendations. That gives you a list to start your hunt. You can also search for local contractors on the Internet if that’s not an option.

Once you have a list, you can search for the Google My Business listing or social media pages of the contractor. A contractor with happy clients would have a good mix of reviews with positives dominating the negatives. You should also check out some of the social media profiles that leave reviews. That lets you know if the reviews are left by genuine people or farmed from bots.

Get multiple quotes

Most contractors would assess your property and quote you a price for free or for a nominal fee. You need to get quotes from multiple contractors and figure out what’s working for you. Don’t be eager at hiring the contractor with the lowest quote. Ask for details on the quote and why someone is charging a higher or lower price.

For instance, one contractor may be quoting a higher price for the quality of their work and better materials. Conversely, the most competitive quote may offer work that barely meets industry standards. Make sure that you understand the quote and choose the contractor that meets your expectations.

Choose contractors who showcase their design

When you’re aiming for minor and generic renovations like repainting the wall or switching out the windows, you don’t need the expertise of a professional contractor. Professional contractors meet the custom and specialized design requirements of clients and have an impressive portfolio to show it off.

Ask contractors for examples of past projects. They should have impressive “before” and “after” pictures or videos to show off their work. For a fee, they may even create designs in 3D software and provide you with slides of your future renovated home or room. Contractors that are tech-savvy can leverage AR technologies to show you how your home, lawn, or bedroom might be transformed in real life.

License and Insurance

Finally, it’s also important to be thorough and ask for the license and insurance documents from the contractor. Your contractor should have a state or city-issued license if that’s regulated in your state. On the other hand, all legit contractors have insurance to protect their clients from damage and legal complications if a worker is injured on the site. You won’t want to hire a contractor with the lowest quote and get dragged into a lawsuit later on.   

Hiring a contractor isn’t too difficult as long as you follow the above-mentioned tips. Shortlist contractors based on recommendations and reviews and get quotes from them before deciding on one that suits your needs. 


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