Which Home Renovation Trends Will Inspire Designers in 2024?

Ringing in the New Year for several homeowners may mean completing the to-do list of renovation tasks. No matter how blog or large the remodeling project looks, 2024 may come knocking in with plenty of things that you can do this year. You can experiment with so many ideas when it comes to refurbishing homes but do you even know what are the biggest trends of this year?  Is renovation going to be one of the major priorities this year?

If you are searching for ideas to improve your living space in 2024 that are fresh and crisp, here is what the predictions speak about this year.

1. Eco-friendly renovation

Somehow, sustainability seems to be the buzzword these days (or not)! Well, it should be when the entire world has joined hands to protect the planet. So, let the first step begin from your home. Be eco-conscious when planning for a home remodeling project. From saving water to making homes more energy-efficient with smart features, the trend that began a couple of years back is all set to rise this year. In a majority of homes, renovation may begin with eco-friendly installations.

2. Earthy textures

A couple of aspects to gain a stronghold this year are earthy textures and materials like terracotta and clay. Earthy shades too are expected to dominate like warm brown and deep green. More and more homeowners today prefer installing earthy and versatile materials to add more texture. Dark floors are perfect for long-term maintenance.

3. Smart installations

Even if you are not making a major change in your living space, smart integrations can help you upgrade the house. From smart outlets to switches that improve convenience, it’s time to rev up the energy efficiency of your house. That way, you will be able to manage the house with a mobile application. Besides smart lights, you can also install a smart thermostat in your HVAC system.

4. Textures that will dominate home designs

Textures should not align with furnishings for the first time but function as one of the major spotlights of home renovation this year. A lot of people may invest in textured tiles with rustic finishes to add character and depth to your house. Natural stones and tiled textures on shower walls and kitchen backsplashes are here to stay. These elements are sure to add a new dimension to your house and a personalized touch.

5. Make the kitchen colorful

Ever wondered how you can add life to your kitchen by adding a dash of colors? In 2024, kitchens are leaving behind their white and gray look and entering the realm of bolder and warmer shades. After all, the kitchen is the focal point and the heartbeat of every house where family members gather to eat and interact with each other. Choose colors that reflect your personality, be it in the cabinetry, lighting, or backsplash. Are you ready to transform your kitchen and make it cozy and dark? Paint the cabinets with dark and moody shades and stick to granite or quartz for versatility.

6. Create multi-functional spaces

While open floors have been in demand for a while, they are going to stay in 2024 as well. Naturally, homeowners are looking for versatile spaces for entertainment, exercise, and home offices. Additionally, families with kids may also have a playroom during renovation. If you are planning to utilize the stairs and add luxury elements to your house, a custom-made wine cellar is an excellent choice.

Home renovation in 2024 will offer a diverse array of trends that are set to inspire and captivate designers. From sustainable practices to tech-infused spaces, homeowners and designers may explore and implement so many things. As we navigate the coming year, the fusion of creativity and functionality in these trends promises to redefine the way we envision and transform our living spaces.


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