Are You A Pet Owner? Here Is How to Keep Your Home Sparkling and Clean

Do you have a furry friend at home and looking forward to ways to keep your habitat clean? Well, it can be a daunting task for those who may not know those simple tricks and tips to maintain cleanliness in a pet-friendly home.

Here are the cleaning hacks to keep your home feeling fresh and clean.

Make your rugs good for indoor and outdoor purposes

You may have several rugs at home. While some of them may be for indoors, the rest are good for outdoor purposes. You can place a rug at the front of every room. Apart from this, you can also place rugs under the sofa, below the dining table, or at any other place. No matter how dirty the pets make your house, you can always wipe the floor clean with damp rugs. Apart from this, you can also choose carpet tiles, especially in the kitchen. Even if one tile gets a bad stain, you just need to replace one square and not the entire tiles.

Get a good vacuum

You might have a branded vacuum to clean your house but try to check whether it is dog-friendly. To make sure that your house stays clean even with pets, you need a cleaner with a strong suction, a high-quality brush, and a filter to pull out pet dander easily. If your little furry friend climbs up on the sofa, you need to vacuum it regularly.

Cleaning the pet’s things

From pet beds to toys, everything in your house may pick up the strong dog odor. If your dog’s things are machine washable, you can go ahead but even if they are not, you need to clean them manually. Make sure you do this work on a sunny day and allow things to become completely dry in the outdoors or whenever you feel it is right. The sun’s rays will help clean the bad odor.

Apply a dark coat of paint

One of the best things to do to keep your kitchen and other areas clean is to apply dark paint on the lower part of the cabinets. Be it for the bedroom, dining area, or kitchen cabinets, the dark paint helps in camouflaging the wet nose smears and the mud from their wagging tails. If you have a couple of furry friends at home, you will surely benefit from this cleaning hack. It will also reduce your cleaning tasks to a great extent.

Removing pet stain

Have you tried using pet stain products in vain? It’s your turn now to rely on the shaving cream. It works wonders on the toughest stains, be it dog pee or vomit. Use the shaving foam and spray it on the stain and allow it to stay for a couple of minutes and then clean it up with warm water.

Hire a professional cleaning service

If you have a pet in your house, be sure to hire a professional for deep cleaning. They are adept with the skills needed to keep your house clean. You just need to inform the cleaners so that they can get the right tools to clean ta pet-friendly house.

Are persistent dog stains keeping your house unclean? Follow these home cleaning tips to keep the house clean and free from stains and always have a cleaning solution handy to remove stains.


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