DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Save You Money

Bathroom remodeling is generally expensive and homeowners often tend to become overwhelming. Primarily, the concerns are where to begin and how to keep the costs within your control. That is why, DIY bathroom makeover ideas are gaining traction. Are you budget-conscious and yet planning to change the look of your bathroom?

Based on data obtained from home improvement websites online, the average cost to have a bathroom made can go up to $11,000. Usually, the cost depends on various factors like the size, the materials used, and the magnitude of the renovation. Considering that remodeling contractors may charge anywhere between $40-$100, a DIY makeover is going to save you tons of money and labor costs.

Here are a few DIY bathroom makeover ideas you can implement in your house:

1. Apply paint to cabinets and replace hardware

One of the most budget-friendly options to implement during bathroom remodeling is applying a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets. That way, you will make the space feel fresh and new. You can complete the painting work in the kitchen over the weekend. Just remember to choose a color that complements the wall and the rest of the vanities in the bathroom. When it comes to replacing hardware, make sure it suits your personal style and give the bathroom a new look that looks attractive on your pocket.

2. Painting the counter

The countertop in the bathroom is one of the most noted areas, so you need to think of a unique idea to make it look positive and welcoming. Just paint the countertop to make it resemble a stone like marble or any other material that you visualize. Make sure you follow a DIY tutorial diligently for the painting task so that it holds up for a couple of years or until you are ready to spend money for a professional makeover.

3. Use your creativity for bathroom vanities

Wondering how to create a bathroom vanity that is attention-grabbing? Repurposing any old furniture in your house can turn it into a bathroom vanity you will prefer. Once you are done with the repurposing task, apply stain or paint. Make sure the vanity has a seal outside to protect it from damage due to water.

4. Give a new look to the bathroom walls

Changing the bathroom walls is one of the most significant steps of the makeover task. While handling it yourself, you can apply paint to make the bathroom look like new. Try to choose light shades for the walls as it allows light to reflect and make the space look brighter. Make sure the color you choose makes the area look spacious and airy. It is going to be far less expensive than applying wallpaper.

5. Change the light fixtures

Changing the light fixtures also creates a big impact on the appearance of the bathroom. But you don’t have to install expensive sconces or recess lighting. There are cheaper options available in the market that are equally appealing. All you need is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make a rainbow difference to the way your bathroom looks.

Bathroom remodeling tasks add immense value to your home. Cutting corners with a DIY makeover isn’t a bad idea but you need to focus on quality and follow the tutorials for the desired outcome.


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