An Idea-l Kitchen: 7 Effective Ways to Design Your Kitchen

Kitchens are considered one of the most personal spaces of home décor that reflect the personality of the owners. However, there are many who, while planning to go for a new look for their kitchen, tend to renovate the whole space.

Now, this is not necessary. Today, there are various ways in which you can change the look of your kitchen without having to renovate it as a whole. Such techniques save a lot of labor and yet give your kitchen a whole new outlook that complements your household and yourself in the perfect manner.

Here are 7 ways in which you can design your kitchen effectively:

  1. Pattern: One of the newest tendencies in terms of kitchen design is to go for the print pattern on the walls. Choose the wall that acquires the largest kitchen space and put up patterned wallpaper. Opt for a muted dual color combo that complements the remaining of your kitchen space. For example, if your kitchen has white as its base color, opt for a combination of white and grey (more than one shade) in the shape of leaves.
  2. Behind closed doors: A great way to add a touch of vintage to your kitchen is to store your kitchen essentials like spices, etc behind a sliding door with a wooden finish. All you have to do is affix one over your shelves. This will make your kitchen look tidy and give it a rustic warm touch as well.

    Another way is to use baskets to store fruits like apples, bananas, and dry fruits like apricots, nuts, and others. This further adds to the rustic touch.
  3. Stack it up: A good way to make your kitchen appear larger is to replace your upper cabinets with open shelves. Place your kitchenware, dinner sets and other kitchen utensils in an assorted fashion for a great display. You can also set up small pots with plants on the shelves to give it a natural touch of greenery. However, the only catch with this design is that it requires more cleaning as the utensils are left in the open.
  4. Let there be light: Lights play a very important role in uplifting your kitchen décor. Go for colors that complement your kitchen design. For example, if your kitchen has a wooden finish, go for yellow lights that enhance the look in the most perfect manner. There are different designs of light fittings available. For a more vintage look, opt for those that have a carved finish. While for a modern look, go for those that are minimal with a copper or bronze finish.
  5. Painted Floors: A recent trend, painting kitchen floors does contribute a lot to the kitchen décor. Sometimes this is all that your kitchen needs. Go for a color that complements the other aspects of your kitchen décor. For example, if your kitchen has a white base, a good choice would be to go for a muted shade of a single color, like blue or grey. Some even opt for patterns that go pretty well with a white kitchen. Whereas for a wooden base kitchen, try giving a wooden finish to the floor as well for an overall vintage look.
  6. Best of both worlds: A great way to give your kitchen a modern look is by bringing together wood and stainless steel. One such way is to go for lower wooden cabinets and a stainless steel microwave oven. Basically cabinets will be wooden that will give your kitchen the vintage vibe whereas the stainless steel kitchen equipment will provide the modern appeal. And believe it or not, such a kitchen space is a treat to watch.

Other than these 7 ways, there are many other ways in which you can change the look of your kitchen without going for a total renovation. Look up on the internet and find out which one answers to your inner designer’s wants and go for it. Let your kitchen do the talking.


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