Guide to Prepare Your Garden for the Spring

You have spent the long winter months thinking about ways to add zeal to your garden in the growing season. As you get the first hint of warm air, it might be a good time to prepare the garden for the spring. Are you yet to go back to digging the soil? Here is a guide to making your garden for the season of fresh bloom.

Guide to making your garden ready for the spring

Clean the garden

Just like remodeling the home, preparing the garden for the spring season begins with cleaning. So, as soon as the weather turns warm, you need to go outside and begin cleaning the area. Start removing the plant debris from the last year’s growth if you could not ready the garden at the beginning of the winter season. Not cleaning the plant debris results in soil-borne diseases. Moreover, insects often take shelter in plant debris, resulting in trouble in the growing season. Try to remove the undesired growth of weeds as well.

Start making the soil ready

Healthy and fertile soil is the key to growing plants in the spring. Therefore, one of the most important things to prepare the spring garden is making the soil nutrient-rich. While the soil needs to be loose and dark, you need to add organic matter to it to improve its structure and add more density to it. If you know how to make the soil ready, you are halfway through supporting the plant roots, removing excess moisture, and nourishing the plants. Finally, spread the moss or compost over the soil surface to boost growth.

Pull the weeds

Have you come across weeds from the previous year or new ones that have grown in the cool weather remove them now. You will pull out the weeds more easily from the ground and they will come out easier than when the soil turns dry in the summer. Try to pull out the weeds in-depth so that they do not have the chance to grow again.

Pruning the plants

Spring is the season when you also need to prune the shrubs and perennial plants. But when pruning, you must be careful and not remove those areas that need to grow. Sort the overgrown plants and cut off the stems completely. Once you complete the pruning of plants, you will allow sunlight to enter the garden and promote growth during spring. A thumb rule to follow for pruning in the garden is cutting down about one-third of the old plants.

Cut the dead perennial leaves

Are you yet to cut down the perennial flowers that have browed now? It may prevent this year’s plants to grow. Besides, if you notice that a few perennials have just come out due to freezing in winter, push them back inside to avoid exposing the roots. Water those plants and add a couple of inches of mulch around them.

Making the garden ready after the long winter months is a daunting task. However, it is also an exciting time if you love your garden. So, get ready to prepare your garden for the growing season and enjoy it.


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