6 Valuable Ways to Personalize Your Townhome

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You have purchased a new townhouse. Bingo! The excitement of designing the townhouse comes next. But there are challenges as you need to juggle décor ideas and deal with multiple expenses for moving, paying the utility bills, and more importantly, the mortgage payments. Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks and tips to design the townhome and budget-friendly ideas to spruce up your residence.

When it comes to designing new townhomes Kelowna, the ultimate challenge you may face is due to the unique architectural design of such houses. Therefore, you need to pay a bit more attention to avoid losing the opportunities of home design without sacrificing comfort.
Here are the ideas to leverage when designing the newly-purchased townhome your way.

6 ways to customise your new townhome

    Townhomes look like individual homes and are usually semi-attached units that are connected in rows. However, they are available in various styles and designs, so every homeowner will find a way to design them appropriately.

  1. Buy furniture to create a focal point
  2. When customising the townhouse decoration, consider the furniture as the focal point. Each room in the townhouse should feature a special element. If you decide to make furniture the cornerstone of your home, you can play with different ideas. Instead of buying new furniture, you can repurpose your old furniture to decorate the usually narrow hallway. Try to illuminate the space to create a spectacular focal point.

    • Try to get furniture where individual pieces will stand out
    • Embellishing the furniture legs will add more detail to the hallways.
    • Adding attention-grabbing furniture creates an unusual focal point.

  3. Make your home energy-efficient
  4. If you want to decorate the townhome, making it energy-efficient is the way to go. There are plenty of energy-efficient systems and appliances available today to make your house sustainable. That way, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your townhome to a great extent. Wondering what appliances will make your house energy-efficient? Sliding glass doors, efficient water heaters, programmed thermostats, insulation solutions, and smoke detectors are the options you can rely on to make your townhome sustainable.

  5. Illumination of the living space
  6. Do you love staying indoors more often? Chances are that you are going to use the entire home space, so try to customise your house with innovative elements of illumination. While you can focus on different light sources, make sure your townhome has strategic lighting option for illumination. There are plenty of townhomes for sale Kelowna with unique floor plans to allow more sunlight to enter inside. So, when installing artificial lights, make sure the lighting sources make real sense.

  7. Keep more floor space
  8. When it comes to customise the townhouse, try to keep the floor empty as you have limited space. Try to avoid crowding the floor with several decorative objects; instead, move them to the wall. That’s when you can look for floating wall shelves. If you cover the wall with a floating shelf, featuring decorative objects becomes easy and the floor space stays open and airy. Discuss with custom home builders Kelowna about how to keep more floor space empty.

  9. Extend the living area
  10. The living area is the centre point of every house. Today’s homes are not just dwelling spaces where you return from work or school. Naturally, an extended living space is every homeowner’s demand, be it an individual or a townhome. Living room is also an area of relaxation, so communicate to Kelowna builders about how you want to design the space. Extending the living space allows you to adapt to it in every season or allow you to play with different décor ideas. Dilworth Homes is one of the most renowned home builders in Kelowna creating path-breaking custom homes you will adore. Consult with them to design your townhome and make it uniquely yours.

  11. Choose the best hardware
  12. Although you spend the least time thinking about the hardware of your home, the reality is that it matters. From hinges, door knobs, and pull-out drawers, you can go with a chic presentation. Search for budget-friendly options in antique stores to add substance to your home.

What are your style goals when customising the townhome? You will have plenty of options to focus on and it won’t be easy. But if you move as planned, you will make the house clean, well-decorated, and free from clutter. Just begin with one room and gradually move to the other areas of your home to install the custom upgrades. That way, you can make your house look high-end without breaking the budget.


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