In Search For Space: 10 Ways To Make Our Bathroom Appear Spacious

As far as bathroom décor is concerned, one of the most important considerations is the space. All of us are always looking for ways in which we can utilize more space. And this is not always possible. This is why we opt to try and get rid of things that we do not require much which otherwise tends to get our bathroom space cluttered.

However, there are many ways in which we can make our bathrooms appear larger and utilize space effectively.

Here are 10 ways in which we can make our bathrooms appear more spacious:

  1. Bathroom corners: Corners play an important role in any bathroom decor. And a good way to utilize them in your small bathroom is by fixing corners units. Use them to store your soaps and other essentials. You can also use one of these to house extra toiler paper rolls (make sure that such a corner does not come into direct view).
  2. Hooks: Another very useful component in any bathroom, be it big or small, is hooks. They provide a free look while also keeping the bathroom linen neat, tidy and dry. Their availability in various styles and sizes makes them appealing for any bathroom design.
  3. Trays: Other than helping you keep your bathroom essentials organized, trays can be said to be a stylish component in your bathroom. A stylish presentation of your favorite perfume bottles, makeup kit, and other essentials always looks appealing.
  4. Etageres: More prone to larger bathroom design, etageres are basically open cabinets or shelves that are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Their no-installation characteristic makes them perfect for larger bathroom design as it allows you to change their positions whenever it pleases you.
  5. Mirrored cabinets: A perfect storage-and-space utility addition, mirrored cabinets are perfect for smaller bathrooms with less space. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be used to store medicines and small-size bathroom linens, etc.
  6. Hot tool organizer: This provides safe storage for your hot tools in order to avoid heat damage. Opt for a wall mount organizer or place the kit on the bathroom counter itself with the help of one of these. They are available in stylish designs which allow you to choose one that goes better with the overall look of the bathroom.
  7. Wall shelves: Not everything in your bathroom has to be bathroom-based. Wall shelves can be used to give your bathroom a fashionable feel. Available in various styles, shapes and sizes, place a tree pot in these to give your bathroom a natural touch.
  8. Stool: A suggestion suited to a larger bathroom, a stool is perfect of what its usage i.e. to sit. There is no rule which says that we need to keep standing all the time whenever we are using the bathroom. Moreover, a single stool can truly provide us with a sense of relief as we can sit and wait for, for example, the water to get warm. Some of us just like to think and imagine while in the bathroom (admit it, you love it). A stool can come in handy in such cases.
  9. Shower caddies: A hanging shelf that does not need extra affixing. All you need to do is hang it up on the shower. Available in different styles and finishes like metal or wooden, they can blend perfectly with any kind of bathroom décor other than providing great utility and space efficiency.
  10. Over-the-toilet shelves: Perfect for smaller bathrooms, over-the-toilet shelves allow you to use the empty space available around the toilet. These shelves provide ample space to store your bathroom essentials. You can even choose to place a tree pot to add a touch of nature.

The 10 above-mentioned points let you utilize your bathroom space effectively. Opt for those that will add to your bathroom space and décor and not make it look cluttered.


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