Japandi Design- Intertwining Aesthetics & Functionality

Japandi, also commonly referred to as Japanordic design, is the latest trend that people are currently tripping on! Japandi interior design combines the minimalism of Scandinavian decor with the elegance of Japanese Wabi-Sabi. The result- a simplistic interior that skillfully blends aesthetics with functionality.

Let’s take a deep dive into understanding the concept of Japandi interior design and how it benefits us.

The Rise of Japandi Interior Design

The world of interior decor has been witnessing a trend of “East Meets West”. This concept gave rise to Japandi- a philosophy that weaved aesthetics, minimalism, and functionality.

Japandi’s design exudes the juxtaposition of two distinct types of interior decor- Japanese Wabi-Sabi and Scandinavian Minimalism.

  • Japanese Wabi-Sabi is a philosophy that portrays the idea that beauty lies in imperfections. Interior decorations inspired by such a philosophy witness the use of rough textures, and muted tones portraying a deep connection with nature.
  • Hygge, a Scandinavian term, means coziness and warmth. Interiors inspired by such themes are supposed to portray an extreme level of comfort.

Japandi takes the middle ground of both these philosophies. It is a fusion of Scandinavian and modern Japanese interior design styles, that embraces aesthetics through minimalism and adds functionality to its palate.

Main Elements Of Japandi Interior Design

Here is a list of the key elements that define a Japandi-inspired interior decoration-

  • Loads and loads of natural lighting.
  • Free and decluttered space.
  • Neutral color palates for the ‘eye-soothing’ factor.
  • Minimalistic and multi-functional furniture.
  • Wabi-Sabi elements like textured ceramics, or unfinished wooden accents.
  • Usage of natural materials- wood, stone, etc.

Creating A Japandi-Inspired Interior

Now that you are aware of the Japandi design, let’s take a quick tour to see how you can create a minimalist Japandi interior design, and make your house a tranquil haven-

  • Declutter The Space

Our rooms are generally filled with furniture and other things that are not always necessary. The first step to creating a Japandi-inspired interior is to get rid of such items. Try to keep the room as spacious and airy as possible. Throw out anything that isn’t serving a purpose, and make space for the design to portray its elegance!

  • Don’t Forget Natural Lighting

Opt for lighter colors for the walls. If possible, go for light-colored furniture as well. Added to that, declutter the window-fronts to allow maximum natural light to enter into the room. The more natural light enters a room, the more it brightens up the space and makes it feel airy and spacious.

  • Include Natural Materials

The inclusion of natural elements like chairs or couches made of wood, stone, or pieces made of woven materials showcases your connection with nature! Choose to keep a few of such elements for an enhanced aesthetic effect. You can also include plants and add a touch of biophilic interior design to the interior. It enhances the aesthetics by several notches.

  • Functionality Over Anything

Do not try to include unnecessary furniture in the room. An open and airy space is one of the main criteria to achieve a Japandi interior theme. Instead, focus on functionality. Choose multifunctional furniture. This not only serves your purpose but will also help you save a lot of space in the room, thereby retaining the spacious and airy features.

  • Wabi-Sabi Elements- The Final Touch

Last but not least, don’t forget to add the Wabi-Sabi elements for a touch of Japanese philosophy! Throw in artworks depicting natural landscapes, or showpieces made of ceramic. These little elements go a long way in portraying how aesthetically elevated your room has become!

To Conclude

The modern Japandi interior design style has been a favorite of homeowners for a long time. People craving minimalism along with a touch of aesthetic charm will surely love the Japandi interior design!

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