7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Home for Spring

Have you stepped out of your home lately? Do you often visit the social media platforms like Instagram? You must have surely noticed that homeowners are actively preparing for spring and lending a refreshing touch to their homes. After a long spell of harsh and lazy winter, it’s time to make changes in the home’s interior.

Besides the fresh look of full blooms in the exteriors, you can add a lot of colours to the interiors of your home. As a homeowner, you need to discuss Kelowna luxury home builders to know how to move ahead with making structural changes in your house and also add a touch of fresh décor. Spring is a great time to spend outside after months of being shut indoors. If you know how to cater to your home’s needs during spring, you will have less headache when it comes to the maintenance of your home.

So, here are 7 ways to prepare your home for spring.

What can you do to freshen up your home for spring?

  1. Go for kitchen improvements
  2. Does a kitchen remodel for spring sound costly? For new homes Kelowna you own, making a few tweaks will suffice when you are keen to turn your kitchen to fab from drab. You need not replace the cabinets but just paint them with a warm and inviting shade. Apart from this, you can also change the cabinet hardware and make it look more fashionable.

  3. Begin your deck or patio project
  4. Starting the deck or patio project in early spring makes your home ready for the barbeque season. So, if you are planning to refurbish the deck anytime soon, go for it right now. However, if you have something more in mind than just replacing the boards and sanding, discuss with a contractor you can trust and transform the deck into your favourite place for the entire spring and summer as well.

  5. Extend the dining space
  6. Extending the dining space is one of the most favourable ideas if you have guests and relatives coming over to your place often during springtime. Therefore, discuss with Kelowna home builders the ways to convert your dining area into a space where people can come together to eat and chat. Make sure you pay attention to how light and fresh air enters the dining area to make the space more pleasant for cooking as well as organising social gatherings at home. To freshen up the area, you can add a sliding door that leads to the garden. Some excellent ideas for entertainment will bring the outdoors inside. Start planning and have the best time to enjoy during the summer and spring.

  7. Keep the drywall in mind
  8. Are you planning to transform some more space in your modern contemporary house? Whether you need to convert the attic to a living space or want to turn the basement into an area of entertainment, there are opportunities galore. But make sure you tackle the drywall project. Fortunately, the dry weather is the perfect time to let the drywall stay exposed to warm temperatures. Besides, while refurbishing the other portions of your home, you need not neglect the drywall.

  9. Create more space
  10. Are you expecting a newborn soon or would you have some guests staying with you during the spring and summer? Well, it calls for an opportunity for a home addition. It can be for any reason but handling this project soon after winter and before the onset of spring is the best way to go. The warmer temperatures are ideal for demolishing a few walls of your home and making sure that there is less nuisance. Moreover, you can finish the home addition project when the temperatures rise. At Bellamy Homes, one of the renowned custom house builders, we have created ground-breaking home additions to add a spark to homes in different seasons. So, trust them to make the home addition genuinely meaningful.

  11. Add a touch of colours to the interiors
  12. Well, spring is the season when you will have a lot of opportunities to add colour to your home. So, if you want to change the look of the interiors without spending big, add a touch of paint to the walls. Why don’t you pick neutral shades for the walls and add more colour with new accessories? Be sure to get them in vibrant shades to make your home ready for the spring.

  13. Window treatments
  14. If your budget is seemingly low for replacing the doors and windows, you can still bring spring indoors with simple window and door treatments. Just call the contractor over to your place to learn how to make the window treatment more effective.

Whether it is a property upgrade or a home renovation you are planning for the spring, you need to communicate your requirements to the contractor. Do your research and learn about the home décor trends for the upcoming season to make your home glow.


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